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World Water Day Celebrations in Nairobi

Nairobi, 22nd March 2024

Nairobi City County joined the rest of the World in commemorating World Water day in an event presided over by the County Executive Committee Member for Green Nairobi Mr. Ibrahim Auma at Gatharaini River in Kasarani Sub County.

500 trees were planted today at Gatharaini to mark the day which is observed every 22nd of March with a focus to inspire action to tackling the global water crisis. The day places special emphasis on the importance of water for the planet and all its inhabitants, stressing the need to take action in ensuring sustainable management of the precious resource, for the future generations to enjoy adequate clean and safe water. This year’s theme was ‘Leveraging water for peace’.
Waterday10Mr. Auma observed that water is a resource that can foster peace or ignite conflict. He therefore urged people to use water as a tool to create a more peaceful environment by working together to protect water through conserving and managing it efficiently.

“Conservation of water is an urgent issue which the modern world is facing right now. As there is a continuous increase in the demand for water, the need to conserve it arises even more. We need to come up with strategies and activities that will help conserve this precious resource. Working together on water across borders and sectors will accelerate progress across the Sustainable Development Goals, enhancing food security, sustaining healthy livelihoods and ecosystems, helping to build resilience to climate change, contributing to disaster risk reduction, providing renewable energy, supporting cities and industry and fostering regional integration and peace.” Mr. Auma said.

To ensure access to reasonable standards of sanitation and clean safe water in adequate quantities which is a right to every person, Mr. Auma said that Nairobi City County has committed to establishing adequate capacity to provide quality, efficient and effective water and sanitation services, improvement of access to water and sanitation services to all County residents and particularly those living in informal settlements and collaborations with Nairobi Rivers Commission to rehabilitate the main rivers traversing Nairobi City County and water mass within the County to protect downstream user in other counties from pollution.
Waterday9In addition, the County Executive pointed out that Nairobi has made substantial progress in combating pollution in Nairobi waterways and environment, with efforts including public awareness campaigns, investments in resources like specialized  waste collection trucks and recruitment of enforcement officers.

The CECM noted that with a new team of 3,200 individuals recruited recently comprising environment officers and the green army who are deployed across all the Wards, the County is now able to implement spatial plans for the continued rehabilitation of Nairobi Rivers, considering the uniqueness of each locality

“This expansion of the workforce aims to ensure regular sustainable clean-up and tree planting efforts, working closely with existing groups already involved in riparian reserve rehabilitation to maintain the rehabilitated sites. The County commits to complementing the efforts of our partners so as to ensure that the water that goes downstream is of better quality.” Mr. Auma added.

The County has in addition developed a legal framework to guide sector activities in line with the constitution, creating an environment conducive to investment, partnership, and stakeholder participation for sustainable development.
Waterday5“Governor Sakaja’s administration is also considering initiatives like supporting the communities around our water sources, by initiatives such as infrastructural enhancement of the community schools and support to the less fortunate with School Bursaries, thereby fostering Peace between the City and the Communities that host our water sources. Continuous support, sensitization and education of these communities will sustain the much required mutual coexistence” Stated Mr. Auma.

County Environment Chief Officer Mr. Hibrahim Otieno appreciated efforts made by the partners in protecting Nairobi water sources.

Other speakers present stressed the importance of protecting rivers and the need to nurture ecosystem as well as controlling pollution.

Several partners including USAID- Inua Jamii, SHOFCO, Child Fund, Nairobi Rivers Commission, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, Kenya Forestry Service, St. Dominic Primary, NEMA and Small Axe Riparian Park; a Community Based Organization based at the Gatharaini River, partnered with the County in making the event a success.
Waterday12Similar activities were also undertaken in all other Sub Counties to mark the World Day.

The event was attended by Green Nairobi Officers, Security and Compliance officers, Disaster Management Officers, Kasarani Sub County Administrator and Clay City Ward Administrator


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