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Transforming Nairobi: Luxury Living and Design Expo 2023 Unveiled at Village Market

Nairobi, 3rd July 2023

Nairobi City County Chief Officer in charge of Public Participation, Citizen Engagement and Customer Service Ms. Lydia Mathia in collaboration with the Village Market Managing Director Hamed Ehsani Spearheaded the launch of the Luxury Living and Design Expo 2023, Third Edition held at the Village Market.
Expo2Through each stakeholders’ active engagement, the expo aims at transforming the landscape of luxury living for everyone, gaining project approvals and fostering partnerships by exploring endless possibilities and embracing modern technology. Participants were encouraged to create harmonious collaborations that exceeded customer expectations, hence nurturing emotional fulfillment. With visionary partnerships and dedication, the expo stakeholders promised to shape Nairobi’s trajectory of luxury living for years to come, thus, paving a clear path for a bright and innovative future.

Said Ms. Mathia “First and foremost let me deliver the greetings of his excellency Governor Sakaja, village market is an Iconic place and we appreciate the great partnership you have with the county. As a county government our job is to make sure you have the environment that brings out the design work that you’re doing”
“It is our responsibility to make sure that you’re planning well, everything is well coordinated and we will partner with you in that regard as developers, interior designer, architects to make sure that we’re not compromising the input of stakeholders. From the public participation perspective, it is important for us that stakeholders such as yourself bring your voice to bear in the development conversation.”

She said “we are constantly having change of user requests, development requests, approval request but most of the time we don’t hear the voices of the neighborhood associations so I would plead with ourselves to plug in and raise any objections when it’s necessary to raise, partner with us as a department for public participation because that’s where your voice gets heard ,we must all contribute on how Nairobi city evolves, In a way that accommodates everybody and all the stakeholders involved.”
Expo4Also in attendance were Karura MCA Kamau Thuo, Elizabeth Costabir CEO Buy Rent Kenya, Vincent Mwangi CEO Kenya Properties Developer Association, and the events MC, Producer Peter Ngigi from the Nation Media Group.


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