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Traffic along Tom Mboya and Moi Avenue reduces from 45 minutes to 20 minutes.

Nairobi, 7th April  2023

Nairobi City County Mobility department  will in the next 2 weeks put in place mechanisms to ensure movement along Tom Mboya (Koja Roundabout to Haile Selassie Avenue) and Moi Avenue (Moi Avenue Primary School to Railway Station Roundabout) is reduced to 15minutes.

Said Chief Officer, Boniface Nyamu, “Traffic congestion is a major problem in the City of Nairobi and causes pollution, loss of revenue, wasted time and reduced productivity due to hours wasted in traffic. One of the key areas we aim to improve on during our Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) thematic area is to ensure vehicular movement reduction time from 45 minutes  to 20 minutes along Tom Mboya and Moi Avenue. The Mobility team has set up a multi sectoral approach and deployed Enforcement officers to ensure that the traffic laws are adhered to and anybody found contravening the rules and regulations put in place will be penalized for offences like Double parking, illegal bus stages and private cars operating as public service vehicles (PSVs); which  have been identified as the major cause of congestion in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).”
20mins1In order to ensure attainment of set  RRI goals, Nairobi County’s multi sectoral team continues to sensitize the public on the traffic  and county laws and a reminder to ensure adherence.

“The biggest headache we have in the city is PSVs. We continue to educate them that only two vehicles are allowed at the parking bay at a time; One that is dropping passengers and another one that is picking passengers;  all other vehicles should  be waiting outside of CBD, we have allocated holding area for Thika Road is Ngara and Parkroad while for Waiyaki way and Mombasa Road is Greenpark and this should be done within 15minutes interval. We are urging the PSVs to invest in good walkie-talkies or high-tech communication gadgets  to assist in communication. During our spot checks and revenue collection exercises we also realized that owners of  personal cars had parked for days without paying for parking; some sly clients opt to pay parking boys instead of paying through Nairobi Pay’ *647≠. Noncompliance will lead to clamping and towing of vehicles.”





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