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Technical Working Group (TWG) Workshop: Fine-Tuning the Child Protection Policy

KIAMBU, 7th April 2024

In response to concerns raised in a cabinet meeting last month by the cabinet about child welfare and health perspectives a Technical Working Group (TWG) was convened to refine the existing Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. The TWG comprised experts from various fields, including World Vision, Social Services, Legal, Research and Policy. This workshop aimed to address feedback received during the presentation of the initial policy to the Cabinet and preparation of the same in the next Cabinet retreat.

County Executive for Talent Skill Development and Care Rosemary Kariuki while opening the forum said “The workshops objective was to review Policy Components. Assess each section of the existing Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy to identify areas for improvement, clarification and align the Document as per policy regulations. Incorporate Feedback, address issues and questions raised during the Cabinet presentation to ensure the policy is robust and comprehensive.”
Talentstwg4Ms. Kariuki said “The team of 7 members brainstormed to propose solutions and amendments to address the identified issues. The team has also reviewed the flow and identified potential gaps or inconsistencies. The TWG collectively revised the policy text based on feedback and insights gathered during discussions and exercises. A legal review by legal experts reviewed the revised policy to ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations.”

“By incorporating diverse expertise and feedback, the TWG has ensured that the policy would serve as a rigorous framework for child protection initiatives. Once approved the Child Protection and safeguarding Policy will address concerns and ensure its effectiveness in safeguarding children’s rights and well-being.” Said the County Executive.
Talentstwg11The County Executive was accompanied by Chief Officer for Social Services George Mutiso, Deputy Director Family, Robert Muema, Assistant Directors, Rosemary Kibathi (Children), Fredrick Ogutu (Family), Christine Ongondo (Community), County Legal team, County Research & Policy team and World Vision.

The workshop was sponsored by World vision.


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