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Nairobi, Kenya.
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Talents, Skills Development and Care

This is the sector that deals with the following functions:-

ECD and Vocational Training sub sector Functions

  • Pre- Primary Education.
  • Early Childhood Development.
  • Child Care Facilities
  • NCCG Primary &Secondary Schools Facilities and Infrastructure.
  • Coordination with TSC and Ministry of Education, National Government.
  • Labour relations with NCCG Teachers and Teachers Unions / Associations.
  • Registration of schools.
  • Research
  • Education policy formulation Village Polytechnics Home-craft Centers.

Youth, Talent and Sports Sub sector Functions

  • Promote sports and recreational activities.
  • Promote and manage programs for Youth Information and Empowerment
  • Sports promotion and development
  • Provision of Library and Information Services
  • Talents Identification and Development

Social Services sub sector Functions

  • Rescue, rehabilitation, integration, socialization and placement of street and other vulnerable children
  • Provide Social protection and Care for the Aged
  • Provide adequate social Facilities/ Infrastructure to enhance service delivery. Family and Social Welfare Services
  • Promote socioeconomic empowerment and community development programmes.
  • Control of drugs and pornography
  • Social policy development

Physical Location: City Hall Annex, 10th Floor
Telephone: +254 -20-2221166

  • County Executive – Ms. Rosemary Kariuki
  • Chief Officer – ECD and Vocational Training – Ahmed Mohamed Abdi
  • Chief Officer – Youth Talent and Sports – Oscar Mufunga Igaida
  • Chief Officer – Social services- George Mutiso Musembi

General Inquiries

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