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Cleaning Nairobi River2

Cleaning Nairobi City

As the population of Nairobi grows, so does the amount of solid waste. Currently, the population of the city stands at approximately 5 million, with each individual generating about 0.62 kgs of garbage per day.

By the year 2030, we will be producing 3,990 tons every day.
Past regimes at City Hall largely focused on collection and disposal. Involvement of the public was limited.
The Constitution of Kenya emphasizes on public participation and the need to empower the citizens in formulation and implementation of decisions and policies that affect them.
It is because of this that today we want to remind you that provision of quality services in Kenya is in your hands. It is you, the residents, visitors, industries, traders and all others who generate waste.
Indeed the ‘Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act’ entitles an individual to a clean and healthy environment, but also says that the same individual is responsible to care for the environment.
My government will prioritize solid waste management services. We will strive to secure greater financial support from the National government.
We will also empower Community Based Organizations, youth groups, resident associations and corporate bodies to play a bigger role in management of our environment.
To promote good environmental practices, all recovered illegal dumpsites are being converted into either recreational grounds or beautification islands across the City.
The former Kangemi Cemetery grounds and Komarock Canal are good examples.
These areas used to be illegal dumpsites for many years before my administration reclaimed and converted them to parks.
Our children are now enjoying recreation facilities within their neighborhood.
Other areas undergoing similar reclamation include Kamukunji grounds, Eastleigh First Avenue and Spine Road in Kayole.
My administration is indeed fully committed and determined to bring services closer to the people.
Our beautification programme has won worldwide recognition and, for that, I thank all of you gathered here today. Let us continue to work and not be discouraged. But we shall not be afraid to say when we feel we have been attacked unfairly.
It is therefore, my humble request that, as we continue this noble activity of monthly clean-ups, we shall build personal values and responsibility for our environment.
I seek your support and co-operation in ensuring that we regain and restore the status of Nairobi as ‘The Green City in the Sun’.
I encourage you to keep on participating in the monthly clean-ups which are undertaken every first Saturday of the month in all electoral Wards.
Always remember “My Waste My Responsibility”.

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