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Sonko roots for fair allocation as new markets open

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NAIROBI, 15, June, 2020, GPS

At least four new markets will soon be unveiled by the Nairobi City County Government.

City Hall has pledged to provide adequate and affordable trading spaces for traders in the new markets.

All the four markets, which have been constructed under the leadership of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko over the last two years, include Westlands Market, Kangundo Road Market, Qware Road Market and Mwariro market.

Nairobi County Director of Markets and Trading Services Fredrick Ndunyu said the markets are now 99% done and will be occupied by the end of 2020.

Sonko says the success of the markets projects has not come as a surprise.

“We started the projects two years ago and I am happy to report that we are almost through. Traders should be ready to operate in new and fresh environments,” said Sonko.

He spoke while receiving a status report on the construction of the markets in Nairobi.

The Westlands Market, which has been undergoing renovation by the national government and the county government, will accommodate over 3,000 traders who previously occupied the market but were displaced during construction.

Karandini Market, which is being built by the World Bank in conjunction with the County Government, will have over 400 spaces.

Most of the work has already been done.

The market is located in Dagoreti North Sub-County.

Mwariro Market in Kariokor, Starehe Sub-County, is also a partnership project between the World Bank and the Nairobi City County Government.

It has over 500 new trading spaces.

The market is completely new with only 17 families having been affected with 24 traders moved to pave way for the construction of the new market.

Ndunyu confirmed that the affected families were compensated while the traders will also be compensated and given priority in allocation of stalls.

The Mwariro market will accommodate more than 3,000 traders.

“Affected persons were 17 and were compensated and promised priority for allocation once the project is complete,” Ndunyu stated.

Qware Road Market at Gikomba area has been undergoing renovation after a block burnt down displacing 81 traders.

It is being constructed by the national government and the county government.

The new look market can now accommodate over 600 traders.

“After considering the 81 as a priority in allocation of spaces, the rest will be subjected to vetting in a fair process,” Ndunyu added.

The market that has attracted a lot of attention is the Kangudo Road Market in Embakasi South Sub-County.

The new look market has been built by the African Development Bank in conjunction with the Nairobi City County Government and has 370 new lockable stalls.

It also has other spaces for business that are not stall oriented.

It will accommodate more than 3,000 traders in total.

Ndunyu said that it is 99% complete and that the only thing delaying its completion is an illegal building around it but consultations with the owner are ongoing.

Other markets expected to be completed include City Park market in Parklands and Karen Market.

The markets boast of new features and have been categorized as completely modern.

“Most of these markets are modern meaning we have factored in everything including both retail and wholesale requirements,” added Ndunyu.

For instance, the new look Mwariro market will have a generator, underground water tank, a borehole, fire extinguishers, eateries, modern stalls, CCTV for security, parking space and several toilets for the traders.

Last year, Sonko also ordered for the construction of a modern market in Dandora estate.

The market, according to Sonko, is to be built on a repossessed piece of public land that had been grabbed by a private developer in Dandora Phase 1.

The governor revealed that the private developer was illegally given an allotment letter by the previous regime.

The World Bank is on record applauding the Governor for quick implementation of projects financed by its funds.

Majority of Nairobi traders who were displaced to pave way for the construction of the markets have welcomed the new development saying they are now ready to work under a new environment.

Agnes Odhiambo, 55, from Kariokor area, has hailed the Sonko administration saying the new Mwariro market will help boost her business since she will have somewhere permanent to trade.

“I thank Sonko for the construction of Mwariro market since the land where the market stands had been grabbed by a private developer but Sonko repossessed it when he was elected in 2017,” said Odhiambo, a mother of eight.

Another trader, Kamau Mugo Njiru from Dagoreti North, has praised the Sonko administration for the completion of Karandini market in the area.

Nairobi County Trade and Markets acting chief officer Mohamed Sahal has assured all traders that the Sonko administration will allocate the market stalls in a transparent and fair process with first priority given to those who were displaced to pave way for the construction of the markets.

Nairobi Governor’s Press Service Director Elkana Jacob has said Sonko will soon issue a date for a consultative meeting with Nairobi traders.
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