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Sonko gives Health, Water and Sewerage priority in Sh35.2bn budget.

Sonko gives Health, Water and Sewerage priority in Sh35.2bn budget
The County Government has given the provision and improvement of health services priority in the 2019/2020 budget highlights delivered to the Country Assembly by the County Finance Minister Mr. Charles Kerich. The sector got Kshs 7.4.billion and 21 per cent.
Transport, Water and Sewerage sectors were also given a major boost, bringing into focus Governor’s Sonko’s will to improve the status of the two critical sectors.
The county has also set it eyes on infrastructure, improved governance, social community development, security, environment, planning and economic development. The County Finance Executive allocated transport sector Sh3.64 billion with the county expecting to receive Sh800 million from the Roads Maintenance Levy Fund by the end of the 2019/20 financial year.
Having already started programs to end the water and sewerage infrastructure crisis in the city, the county has allocated Sh2.7 billion to the environment, water and energy sector. The County is projecting to meet its target of 80 per cent connectivity. From the Sh2.7 billion, Sh362 million will cater for water resources management.

To sustain the improved garbage collection efforts in the city, Sh992 million has been allocated for solid waste management. This is expected to help collect over 2,000 tonnes of garbage generated daily in Nairobi. The beautification project that has seen the city being recognized internationally has received Sh134 million.
To enhance citizen participation in key county programs, the county is planning to enhance governance at the sub-county level and consequently, Sh2.3 billion has been allocated for sub county administration.

Sh148 million will be used for the purchase of vehicles and building of offices.

The county also targets to continue with its urban renewal program that seeks to put up 10,000 housing units. To kick-start the program, Sh60 million has been set aside for maintenance of residential houses, Sh52 million for Kariobangi South Estate renovation and Sh18 million for facelift of Buruburu Estate.
Other key allocations have seen the Enforcement sector receive Sh2.2 billion while Sh371 million has been set aside for Disaster Management.
The Agriculture Sector has received Sh126 million which will help advance food security measures.
According to Kerich, the county is putting in place measures that will help meet its Sh17.32 billion revenue projections.

“ln the coming financial year, the county shall focus on addressing the challenges that hamper optimal revenue collection,” Kerich said.
The county will also enhance reforms in the procurement sector to prevent graft and make more resources available.

Kerich also said that the county will restrict issuance of waivers that can injure revenue targets.
“Any waivers issued shall be done in strict compliance with the PFM Act 2012 and the Nairobi City County Tax Waivers Administration Act 2013,” Kerich said.

The county collected Sh10.1 billion in the 2017/18 financial year with the amount expected to be slightly higher for the 2018/19 year.


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