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Lazima iWork: Sakaja finally delivers Dandora Stadium…working out to further rollout well equipped stadia in all sub-counties

Nairobi, Friday 08.03.2024

The Nairobi City County Government has finally inaugurated the Dandora Sub County Stadium, which was constructed at a cost of more than Kshs 276 million after a six-year delay.

The stadium, which was commissioned by Nairobi County Governor Sakaja Johnson, will provide quality sporting facilities to more than one million city residents.

Speaking at the official opening, Governor Sakaja confirmed that, under his Lazima iWork mantra, the County Government is developing and commissioning similar projects across all sub-counties to nurture sporting talents.
Dandorastadium14He said the county government has also developed strategies to ensure the completion of similar projects, some dating back to the first Governor of Nairobi’s reign in 2010.

“The completion of Dandora Stadium is yet another Proof point that under my watch, we must complete all development projects even as we break ground for new projects that will benefit Nairobi residents,” Sakaja said, adding, “I will steer clear of retrogressive politics that denies our people development projects based on who broke ground. These are Nairobi people projects, and they will hopefully play a key role in nurturing this city’s next crop of sporting giants.”
Dandorastadium19With the official opening, over 30 football teams will now have a chance to utilize the facility at affordable fees. This will guarantee youth engagement for monetizing their talents and abstain from vices like crime, alcohol and drug abuse due to idleness.

“The Dandora Stadium is not just a structure; it symbolizes opportunity for our youth. With over 30 football teams set to utilize the facility at affordable rates, we provide a platform for talent to flourish. By engaging in sports, our youth can avoid negative influences such as robbery, alcohol, and drug abuse, fostering a healthier and more productive society,” Sakaja said.
Dandorastadium12He added: “This stadium represents just the beginning of our vision for Nairobi as a city of opportunities. We are committed to delivering similar sports Centres in all sub-counties, recognizing the immense potential of sports, creative arts, and talents to transform lives. The capacity of the Dandora Stadium will accommodate a substantial number of spectators, ensuring that it becomes a hub for sporting events and community gatherings. Together, let us continue to nurture, grow, and monetize the capabilities of our youth, paving the way for a brighter future for Nairobi.”


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