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Riruta Satellite’s Elderly Honored with Day of Pampering and Appreciation: KARIKA’s Gesture of Gratitude

NAIROBI: 14th March 2024.

Older Persons at Riruta Satellite Karika Center were on Tuesday treated to a day of pampering and appreciation as they enjoyed manicure, pedicure, and hair dos. The event, organized by an organization called KARIKA through Talent Skills Development Sector, aimed to honor the elderly members of the community and also for them to feel as part of the society, appreciate their contributions and wisdom as well.
Karika3County Executive for Talent Skills Development and Care Rosemary Kariuki who was the guest speaker at the event which is part of the women’s Day celebrations said last Friday that even as we commemorated International Women’s Day it’s important to also recognize and honor the contributions of the incredible men and women who have shaped our community over the years. Among them are the wise and resilient men and women of Riruta Dagoretti south whose strength, grace, and wisdom have enriched our lives in countless ways despite the challenges they have faced that have led them to be here today.
Karika4“Today, we have spent a very special moment with our esteemed elders a day of pampering and appreciation. We have provided them with manicures, pedicures, and hair treatments, not just as a luxurious indulgence, but as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude for their tireless efforts and sacrifices during their heydays. They have worked hard, raised families, and contributed to the growth and development of our community, laying the foundation for the vibrant society we enjoy today “she said

The County Executive said she was delighted to have had the privilege of having KARIKA host lunch for the older persons. This she said provided her an opportunity to learn from our elders as they shared their stories, experiences, and wisdom, while also fostering a deeper connection between generations and local leadership. “It’s a chance for us to listen, learn, and honor their invaluable contributions to our community” she said.

The event was sponsored by KARIKA. in partnership with the County.

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