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Revolutionizing Nairobi’s Transportation: Hackathon by Nairobi City County, Africa’s Talking, and Liquid Intelligent Technologies East Africa Promises Smart City Solutions

To shape the future of transportation in Nairobi, the Nairobi City County’s Innovation and Digital Economy sector, in collaboration with Africa’s Talking and Liquid Intelligent Technologies East Africa, is excited to announce a hackathon towards achieving a smart city.

Our objective is:-

  1. To bring together stakeholders from the public sector and private industry, to collaborate on innovative ideas and technologies that will revolutionize Nairobi’s transportation and logistics landscape.
  2. To drive economic growth by fostering the development of new transportation-related businesses and services, we’re poised to stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities not only in Nairobi but across the region.
  3. Empowering local talent: Our hackathon provides a platform for local entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and innovators to showcase their skills, network with industry professionals, and gain support for their projects.

Kindly follow this link  👉 to  register here !!

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