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Refugees Run for Peace concludes in Nairobi

NAIROBI: 25th November 2023.

Chief Officer Youth, Talent and Sports, Oscar M. Igaida received Members of the Refugee World Peace Campaign who ran from Machakos to Nairobi in a campaign to promote peace.

Said the Chief Officer Mr. Oscar Igaida “We gather not as representatives of individual nations but as citizens of a shared humanity. In a world grappling with division, conflict, and displacement, it is imperative that we unite in the pursuit of a common goal – refugee world peace. Refugees are not statistics; they are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who have fled their homes in search of safety and a chance at a better life. It is our collective responsibility to extend our hands in solidarity and create a world where every person can live without fear and persecution.”
Refuge14“The Refugee World Peace Campaign is a call to action, urging us to recognize the resilience and potential within displaced communities. By fostering understanding and compassion, we can break down the barriers that separate us and build bridges towards a more harmonious future. Off the Bad politics brings about conflict leading to war. If we can emulate Governor Sakaja’s campaign slogan of “Siasa Safi” and if practiced by politicians it would bring about Peace thus reduce tensions before, during and after elections. Bad Politics is the main cause of civil strife/wars.” Said the Chief Officer.

“Let us not forget that peace is not just the absence of conflict but the presence of justice. As advocates for refugee world peace, we must champion the rights of those forced to seek refuge, ensuring that they are treated with dignity and given the opportunity to rebuild their lives. In our pursuit of global harmony, let us amplify the voices of refugees, acknowledging the strength that arises from diversity. It is through open dialogue, empathy, and cooperation that we can dismantle the walls that divide us and cultivate a world where every individual can thrive.” Added Mr. Igaida.
Refuge12“Together, let us stand as a beacon of hope, proving that compassion knows no borders. The Refugee World Peace Campaign is not just a movement; it is a commitment to creating a future where the displaced find solace, and the world finds unity.” He said.


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