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Nairobi Region ECDE Drama and Film event hosted at St. George’s Primary School, Celebrates Creativity and Talent

NAIROBI: 19th March 2024

“This gathering is a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the boundless potential of our youngest learners.” Said County Executive for Talent Skills Development and Care Rosemary Kariuki who was the Chief Guest at the Nairobi Region ECDE Drama and Film event held at St George’s Primary School.
Speaking during the official opening ceremony at the event, she acknowledged the remarkable performances and captivating films brought to life by our preschoolers.
“Today is not just about entertainment, it’s about recognizing the profound impact that early childhood education and the arts can have on the development of our children. In the world of early childhood development, we understand the critical importance of providing opportunities for children to explore, experiment, and express themselves. Drama and film offer unique avenues for our little ones to engage with their surroundings, discover their voices, and unleash their imaginations.” she said.

The County Executive said, H.E Governor Sakaja has relentlessly continued supporting Educational matters in the County. Through his stewardship, our ECDE teachers are trained in Co-curricular helping our learners to shine.  “I have great hope in Nairobi region’s Children of all levels as witnessed in the previous co-curricular activities. Co-curricular and especially Drama and Film are known to have countless benefits.”

She said “Through dramatic play, our children learn to communicate, cooperate, and problem-solve. They step into different roles, explore diverse perspectives, and develop empathy and understanding for others. Similarly, in the realm of filmmaking, they learn to observe, interpret, and convey their ideas and emotions through visual storytelling.”

Ms. Kariuki Said that the event is not just a showcase of talent; it’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of our educators, who have nurtured and guided our children along this creative journey. It’s a testament to the unwavering support of our parents, who have encouraged and championed their children’s artistic endeavors every step of the way.
Ecddrama2She further said our young performers, stand on this stage as storytellers, as actors, as directors, and as artists, their courage, your enthusiasm, and boundless creativity inspire us all.  Every line they deliver, every gesture they make, and every scene they create is a testament to their unique talents and abilities. “Let us continue nurturing our young ones and grow their talents from this very tender age. Let us reaffirm our commitment to providing our children with rich and meaningful learning experiences. Let us continue to champion the arts in education and create spaces where every child has the opportunity to shine and thrive.”

The Nationals will be between 7th and 18th April 2024 in Embu and Nairobi will be defending their title against all the other 46 counties across Kenya.


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