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Nairobi Governor Sakaja Johnson Addresses County Assembly on Fiscal Discipline and Service Delivery

Nairobi, 4th April 2024

Nairobi Governor, Sakaja Johnson, is currently addressing members of the Nairobi City County Assembly, invited guests, and County Executive- the State of the County Address at the County Assembly.

Said Governor Sakaja, “Nairobi City County is saddled with huge pending bills; a liability with which we will have to deal. We have started by evaluating this debt: our teams are re-examining the claims by the Kenya Revenue Authority by Kenya Power, amongst other large claimants. Second, negotiations have begun with statutory debtors. Third, our debt management strategy Paper, already presented to this House, sets out our proposal for handling these liabilities. Fourth, and as a matter of urgency, my staff and I have enforced tighter controls on spending.  Our finance and economy teams have been diligent; you in this house have also been extraordinarily supportive. Over time, we have been able to achieve the fiscal discipline, which makes our programs feasible and which honours the people of Nairobi who entrusted us with their very hard-earned money. We have also maintained our no-cash policy in government and ensured all revenue streams are digitized. The Unified Business Permit (UBP) was a campaign pledge my administration was keen to implement. I am delighted to inform this house that we rolled it out this January, and it is already making it easier to do business in Nairobi.
Our people no longer have to go to different offices to seek licenses; all are available in a one-stop shop. We have encouraged Nairobians to seek services online. For those who prefer to be served over the counter, please come to our Customer Care Centre at City Hall Annex: these were envisaged by the County Governments Act 2012 (section 119) and we are the first County to establish one. For the last three months, the county has been offering civic education on the UBP and helping customers to create online accounts.

However, we have had a few cases in the recent past where certain quarters have taken advantage of our new stance. We have had unfortunate incidents where some of our officers have been attacked in the line of duty. This is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated. We must let our enforcement officers do their work.  Obstruction of government officers fulfilling their mandate is a crime punishable by law and will be dealt with firmly. The people of Nairobi affirmed that they desired a city of order. Order will be maintained. To set the record straight, and to be clear there is no problem recording officers as they perform their duties, if anything it increases accountability, however what will not be accepted is obstruction or incitement of wananchi against them as they perform their duties. Order will be established and maintained.”
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State of the County Address 2024



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