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Nairobi Finance Executive, Charles Kerich, Advocates Practical Approach to Revenue Enhancement in Meeting with Nairobi Revenue Authority Board Members

Nairobi, 10th March, 2024

Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning, Charles Kerich held a meeting with Nairobi Revenue Authority (NRA) board members to discuss matters revenue.

Mr. Kerich emphasized the need for the board members to participate in revenue meetings and also sub county meetings to better understand revenue collection.

Said Mr. Kerich “I attend sub county meetings, and that is where I am well informed of the issues on the ground and areas to improve on revenue collection, including new revenue sources. These practical integrations make you understand situations better than sitting in board rooms. ”

The Finance Executive further shared that the board members will be taken through a presentation by the Nairobi Revenue System (NRS) developer, and they will have access to the dashboard to allow them get real time data on daily revenue collections to be able to query any shortfalls and areas to improve on.
Nrbrevenue12County Chief Officer for Revenue Administration, Wilson Gakuya said, “Although the county own Source of Revenue has improved compared  to last year performance,  we have not met the month to date targets due to some challenges . Failure to meet the revenue targets means the county is unable to meet budgetary requirements. This calls for a change of strategies, one being the establishment of NRA. The NRA is expected to inject efficiency, accountability, and professionalism in revenue mobilization. ”

The Chief Officer also underscored the need to focus on revenue in mashinani as well as devolving revenue administration to the ward level.

Nairobi Revenue Authority Board Chair, Andrew Chege, appreciated the increase in revenue collection. “Some taxes are brought about by inflation, so even if the same effort is to be sustained in revenue collection, just by the fact there is inflation, taxes are bound to go up with time.”
Nrbrevenue6The board members visited Nairobi County Customer Service Centre to get first-hand experience on the Nairobi Revenue System as they engaged the public as well on Nairobi County’s customer service experience thereafter, they visited the CBK Pension Towers, where the Nairobi Revenue Authority offices will be situated.

Present was Director Administrative Services, Office of the Governor and County Secretary, Dr. Peter Ogolla, Ag. Director for Revenue, Dr. John Ntoiti, Assistant Director Revenue, Nixon Otieno,  Assistant Director Administrative Services, Ntolei Lemurt.


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