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Nairobi County Vocational Training Institutes held a stakeholder meeting at Kiwanja VTC to strategize on how to increase enrollment.

NAIROBI: 23rd April 2024

The team led by Deputy Director of Vocational Training, Mr. Leonard Mititi seeks to implement measures that will increase enrollment and improve the quality of education for students in County-managed institutions.

Vocational training institutions play a significant role in the growth and development of youth in our society. Therefore, increasing enrollment in Nairobi City County vocational training institutions is imperative. As stakeholders invest in education and workforce development, each one of us plays a vital role in shaping the path forward.

The Deputy Director emphasized the importance of recognizing vocational training in building a skilled and competitive workforce. “Vocational education equips our youth with practical skills and knowledge that directly align with the needs of our local industries and businesses. It offers a pathway to meaningful employment and contributes to economic growth.”
Kiwanjavti 2He acknowledged that despite these benefits, the County faced challenges in attracting and retaining students in vocational training institutions. “This is where our collective efforts and commitment come into play. We must collaborate and strategize effectively to address these challenges and enhance enrollment.”

Key recommendations agreed upon by the stakeholders at the meeting to achieve this include:

  • Engagement of various stakeholders, including government agencies.
  • Holding a job fair in collaboration with The Companionship of Work Organizations an NGO.
  • Establishment of a community sports center at Kiwanja VTC in collaboration with the sports sub-sector.
  • Launching awareness campaigns to highlight the benefits and success stories of vocational training.
  • Establishing apprenticeship and internship programs that bridge the gap between education and industry.
  • Developing scholarships, grants, or income-sharing agreements to make vocational education more accessible.


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