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Nairobi County Officials Collaborate with Outdoors Africa to Revolutionize Customer Service: A Strategic Meeting Marks the Commencement of a Transformative Journey

NAIROBI: 11th January 2024

A significant meeting transpired between Dr. Anastasia Nyalita, the Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Inclusivity, Public Participation, and Customer Service, Chief Officer Lydia Mathia, overseeing Customer Service, and Lydia Gatheru, Director for Customer Service. The focal point of this gathering was the discussion with Outdoors Africa to revolutionize the approach to Customer Service in Nairobi County.

The primary goal is to cultivate a comprehensive strategy and performance management system, with the intent of reshaping the County’s service landscape. A central aspect of this initiative is to eradicate the pervasive ‘Kanjo’ mentality, replacing it with a fresh perspective grounded in impactful customer service. Dr. Nyalita, along with Chief Officer Mathia and Director Gatheru, envisions a transformation that not only addresses immediate concerns but also lays the groundwork for a sustained and positive relationship between the County and its residents.

This collaborative effort aims to instill a culture of public participation, inclusivity, and customer-centric practices. By engaging with Outdoors Africa, a strategic partner, the County aspires to pioneer a customer service paradigm that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its citizens. The outcome of this meeting signals a commitment to the welfare of the people of Nairobi, emphasizing transparency, efficiency, and a departure from outdated practices, ultimately fostering a more harmonious and constructive relationship between the County and its constituents. The journey towards a revitalized customer service experience for Nairobi has begun.



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