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Nairobi County Migration Technical Working Committee Formed to Address Complex Migration Dynamics

NAIVASHA: 28th MARCH 2024,

Following the successful implementation of the Nairobi County Outreach Program in November 2023, a Nairobi County Migration Technical Working Committee was established as a key outcome of the committee. This committee was tasked with charting the way forward on establishing localized migration agenda and programs.

The National Coordination Mechanism on Migration (NCM) a government-led interagency platform that promotes migration governance in Kenya by bringing together Governmental and non-governmental actors with migration-related functions to drive the national migration agenda.

NCM with the support of the International Organization on Migration (IOM) organized a two (2) day meeting to develop a work plan. This meeting seeks to identify and map migration priorities in Nairobi City County and outline.
Migrationtechcom22Chief Officer for Social Services George Mutiso said that Nairobi County sits at the heart of the East Africa migration hub that has an interplay as an origin, transit and destination migration dynamics. “This multi-dimensional nature is presented uniquely in Nairobi County that has the highest numbers of migrants in the country.

“The NCM engaged in an awareness raising inception forum through a successful Nairobi City County Outreach Program late November, 2023 that involved stakeholders from national and county governments, representation from civil society, community and faith based organizations that was held. It is during this meeting this committee was established” he said

The Chief officer said “The main objective of the meeting is to provide a platform for an all-inclusive, open, and comprehensive forum for activating the workings of the Nairobi County Migration Technical Working Group. The team will outline programs and activities in line with the county migration priorities.”

Mutiso said “Migration is a multifaceted phenomenon, touching upon issues of urbanization, socio-economic integration, and access to essential services. In Nairobi County, we witness firsthand the dynamic nature of migration, as people move within and across county and National borders in search of opportunities, security, and a better quality life.
Migrationtechcom30He further said “Nairobi has delved deep into the challenges faced by migrants and the communities hosting them. From strained infrastructure to social tensions, the impact of migration is keenly felt across various sectors. Yet, amidst these challenges, we also recognize the resilience and resourcefulness of migrants, who contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of our county and that’s the reason we are here today.

The Chief officer stressed on the importance of collaboration. “We understand that no single entity can address the complexities of migration alone. Therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to working together, across governmental and non-governmental lines, to develop holistic and sustainable solutions.”

Dr. Dan Opon, Secretary NCM said The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya predominantly outlined the migration function to the national government. However, the county governments are critical players in the effective migration governance conversation. Migrants alongside host communities reside, work and require essential services from the county governments.

Mr. Opon noted that migrants’ data emerged as a crucial tool in our arsenal. By harnessing the power of data, we can better understand migration patterns, anticipate trends, and tailor our interventions accordingly. Data-driven approaches will guide our policy decisions and resource allocation, ensuring that our efforts are targeted and effective.”

Ms. Bishawo Ali from IOM said the need for inclusivity should be emphasized in this case. In our pursuit for solutions, we must actively engage with migrants themselves, as well as the communities hosting them. By listening to their voices and incorporating their perspectives, we can develop policies and programs that are truly responsive to their needs.

Present at the meeting was Hawo Diram, DIrectorate of Refugee Services, Dr. Njanja Gitahi representing Health Sector, Directors Joyce Kinyajui IGR, Eva Wariuko Inspectorate among others.


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