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Nairobi County Launches Ambitious Plan to Achieve Universal Healthcare with Impressive Return-On-Investment Projections

Nairobi, 12th June 2023

The Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member for Health, Wellness and Nutrition, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita officially opened the validation workshop for Costed Community Health Services Implementation Plan 2023-2027 and Investment Case(ROI).
Universal5The five-year costed implementation plan is designed to address challenges and ultimate goal of ensuring that everyone in Nairobi County has access to quality healthcare services. The preliminary results for Return-On-Investment case for community health services in Nairobi is 1:17 for 2023 to 2027. For this reason, the county is investing in community health in order to create a healthier, dignified and more prosperous Nairobi County, where every resident can lead a fulfilling life.
Universal4The County Executive Dr. Nyalita said we are happy to have you in this workshop as we discuss and validate the Community Health Five-Year Costed Implementation Plan and Return on Investment Case for Nairobi County. Resource mobilization is essential for the success of our plan. We will explore various domestic and external funding sources, innovative financing mechanisms, and private sector partnerships to secure the necessary funds. Importantly, we will also prioritize financial sustainability, ensuring that our investments lead to lasting improvements in community health.

Said Dr. Nyalita “A robust monitoring and evaluation framework will be established to track our progress and learn from our experiences. We will measure our performance against key indicators, collect and report data consistently, and engage stakeholders in the monitoring and evaluation process. As we move forward, our next steps will include stakeholder consultations, technical reviews, and approvals. We will keep you informed of the timeline for these stages, and we look forward to launching the two documents in the month of June (June 20, 2023) during the community health governor’s forum which you are all invited.”
Universal1The County head of Community Health Services Judy Macharia said community engagement is another cornerstone of our approach. Through meaningful participation in the planning and implementation process, we can ensure that our interventions are tailored to the unique needs of our communities. we are happy to have our partners join us, and we appreciate their support in this journey, and we look forward to finalizing the document in readiness to the upcoming event. This aligns with H.E. Governor Sakaja’s manifesto to increase the number of health professionals by investing in primary health and Community Health volunteers(CHVs).





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