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Hackathon 2

Nairobi County Hosts Hackathon to Innovate Smart City Security Solutions in Collaboration with Africa’s Talking and Liquid Intelligence Technologies

Nairobi, 14th May 2024

Nairobi County Digital Economy and Startups sub-sector, in collaboration with Africa’s Talking Limited and Liquid Intelligence Technologies, organized an open hackathon focused on the theme “smart city security reporting and response solutions”.

Tech enthusiasts, developers, and innovators from across Nairobi gathered at Nairobi Primary school to design cutting-edge solutions for urban security challenges, utilizing 2G, AI, and IoT technologies.
Hackathon 7Director for Digital Economy and Startups sub sector, Elizabeth Ndung’u, commended participants for their creativity and teamwork.  She emphasized the importance of embracing innovation and urged the participants to think globally and leverage every opportunity to enhance their skills and solutions.

The objective of the hackathon was to develop enhanced real-time communication systems, increase public participation in security initiatives, leverage advanced technologies for improved security, enhance data integration and accessibility, and promote safety and security awareness.
Hackathon 11Participants addressed pressing challenges in real-time security reporting and response, focusing on emergency response coordination, crime reporting and tracking, public safety alerts, surveillance and monitoring, and traffic management, among others.

The winning team, Team Alfa, presented a system for reporting incidents within Nairobi. The second runner-up, Team Maniac, developed an incident reporting system that sends text messages to the county headquarters for response. The third runner-up, Group Zero, presented a system that sends voice messages to report incidents.
Hackathon 1Present were county staff from Innovation and Digital Economy Sector.


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