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Nairobi County holds exit meeting with Office of Auditor General on financial statements of Nairobi City County Executive

Nairobi, 23rd November, 2023

County Executive for Finance and Economic Planning, Charles Kerich chaired a meeting with the Office of the Auditor General (AOG) team led by Deputy Auditor General, Fredrick Odhiambo on financial statements of Nairobi County Executive for the financial year ended 30th June 2023.

Mr. Kerich said, “We embarked on this audit process with a target of having a clean audit report this year. The county appreciates the window of opportunity the Office of Auditor General has accorded us by allowing us to provide additional information, documentation, and explanation to mitigate some of the observations raised. When we do the audit process, the finance sector is mainly a process owner. The questions and responsibilities lie with the accounting officers. ”

County Chief Officer for Finance and Ag. Economic Planning, Asha Abdi said, “We have given Office of the Auditor General utmost cooperation. It has been a learning curve for some who are interacting with the Auditor Generals’ Office for the first time. When we were appointed, we found a situation where audit reports were not tabled, deliberated upon and discussed and ultimately resolved both at the County Assembly and the Senate Committee of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and we started a journey with both the OAG team and our internal team to ensure that has been addressed”.
Auditorgen2Ms. Asha further shared that the county has made good progress in the few months of having worked together with the Office of Auditor General.

“In the PAC, we were able to address two reports beginning of 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 for Senate and for the County Assembly similarly we also extended with two more reports for the years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 and this week, we began the journey on deliberating on the report for the third year 2020/2021″ she said.

Ms. Asha reiterated the county’s commitment to the audit process, stating that the county is continuously ready to learn and improve on its financial statements and all other compliance related items.

Deputy Auditor General, Fredrick Odhiambo said ” We audited four entities, Nairobi County Executive, the County Revenue Fund and receiver of revenue and Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing Board. Today is not about giving the County a lecture of what to expect but rather give you a scorecard of how we have been undertaking our exercise and our outcome. Nothing is finalized, what we mention is near finality. We are going to be focusing on what the infractions are rather than the figures. This is a qualitative scorecard, not a quantitative one. ”
Mr. Fredrick mentioned that the National Government has embarked on a “Zero-fault audit” campaign that will see all the National Government entities by 2024 have no audit faults. “It is important that as Nairobi County embarks towards strengthening its internal controls and financial reporting, this is also implemented.”

Said Mr. Fredrick “As we present the issues, the focus should be on the underlying causes rather than the value so that you work on rectification.”

The team from Auditor General’s Office commended the County Officers for their timely manner in which they shared the documentation, explanations, and healthy engagements.

Present were County Executive Committee Members, County Chief Officers, County Directors, and County Treasury Officers.


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