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Nairobi County Chief Officer for Digital Economy and Startups, Victor Otieno, Champions Sustainable Collaboration at EMERGING Valley 2023 in Marseille, France

France, 4th December, 2023

Nairobi County Chief Officer for Digital Economy and Startups, Victor Otieno attended the EMERGING Valley 2023 in Marseille, France.

EMERGING Valley is an international summit that brings together investors, African startups, and emerging digital ecosystems to strengthen their international appeal, develop business relationships, and accelerate their global impact.

The topics discussed during the panel sessions included; Artificial Intelligence role in Africa, the implications of Silicon Valley’s tech crisis on African startups, innovations in agriculture and biodiversity, the e-health revolution in Africa, and strategies for sustainable urban development.

Mr. Otieno, while attending the summit as a panel speaker, sought partnerships around Innovate Nairobi Tech week 2024, potential investors and partners to support startups in Kenya and develop deeper linkages between Nairobi and Marseille ecosystems.
Vicfrance3The Chief Officer agreed to deepen partnerships, investing in Kenyan startups with UNCOVERED FUND a venture capital firm focused on emerging markets whose mission is to back the untapped geniuses in the” UNCOVERED” world and back cutting-edge technology that builds industrial and social infrastructure from the ground up by empowering the innovators shaping a sustainable future.

He further explored collaboration between Nairobi & Provence/Marseille startup ecosystems through; Establishment of a plastic waste management incubator, French startup delegation to InnovateNBO Tech week 2024 & vice versa to France, Innovation challenge to support National Olympics Committee-Kenya NOC-K.

During a panel session whose theme was “African and European Cities Facing Climate Change: A Major Turning Point? “ | New Collaborations & Technologies for Sustainable Urban Co-Innovation, Mr. Otieno spoke on the actions Nairobi County has taken in progressing the conversation of the Africa Climate Summit that took place in Nairobi, resulting in the Nairobi Declaration and how this declaration can be a sign of progress for Africa and Western countries, he also shared actions Nairobi is taking in mitigating global warming and transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy and mitigate the anticipated environmental impact in  light of expected rise in urban population by 2050.

Said Mr. Otieno ” Nairobi County’s’ approach is just like other nations which is to address where the effects and impact of climate change affects us the most, in our case it is agriculture that contributes over 40% to GDP in aggregate both directly and indirectly’’.
Vicfrance4The Chief Officer called upon stakeholders in the Marseille ecosystem to support the county in supporting agritech startups to develop sustainable local solutions through funding, technical support and innovation off-taking among others that will have the twin impact of getting mitigation and coping solutions for small scale farmers whilst at the same time offering incremental economic opportunities for both farmers through increased productivity and startups.

EMERGING Valley, founded by Samir Abdelkrim, entrepreneur and author of the book “Startup Lions, at the Heart of African Tech,” has established itself as an event for innovative entrepreneurship between Africa and Europe.


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