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Nairobi county celebrates international day for older persons.

NAIROBI: 29th September, 2023.

Seventy-five years ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, a monumental document in the history of human rights., it is the first document articulating the fundamental human rights that are meant to be universally protected.  In recognition of this milestone, and looking to a future that delivers on the promise to ensure that all persons, including all older persons, fully enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Celeb3County Executive for Talent, Skills Development & Care  Ms. Rosemary Kariuki who represented His Excellency Governor Sakaja Johnson at the event said “ The International Day of Older Persons, is an annual event celebrate and honour the resilience of our older citizens in an ever-changing world. The theme for this year, “Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World,” resonates deeply with the challenges and triumphs that our elderly population faces in today’s dynamic society”.
Celeb4“Our older citizens have weathered countless storms, adapting to new technologies, societal shifts and global changes, and yet, they remain a pillar of wisdom and strength within our community.

In Nairobi City County, we understand the invaluable contributions of our older generation. They are the living treasures of our city, carrying with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and traditions that have shaped our culture and heritage. Their resilience is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to endure and thrive in the face of adversity”. She added.

Said The County Executive “ Currently, Nairobi City County Government is in the process of developing a Nairobi County Older Persons Welfare Policy which will address the needs and concerns of older persons in Nairobi. In addition to this, the Nairobi County Government has a Home for Older Persons that provides care, protection and psychosocial support to homeless and abandoned senior citizens.”
Celeb5“As we celebrate their resilience, let us also acknowledge the responsibilities we bear toward our older citizens. It is our duty to ensure that they age with dignity and respect. We must provide them with access to quality healthcare, social support systems, and opportunities for continued learning and engagement. Together, we can create an environment where they can live fulfilling lives, contributing to the well-being of our society.”

Ms. Kariuki said “All stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community leaders, and individuals, work hand in hand to promote the well-being of our older population. Together, let us build a city that is inclusive, where the voices and needs of our older citizens are heard and addressed.

Thereby providing them with opportunity, dignity and hope; which is a clarion call of H.E. The Governor on Nairobi Johnson Sakaja.”
Celeb2Present during the celebrations were Country Director, Help Age International Barlet Jaji, Program officer French Development Agency, Loran Meme, Assistant Director, Children and Rehabilitation Services Rosemary Kibathi and Assistant Director, Family and Social Welfare Services Fred Ogutu.


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