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Nairobi County Assembly Sensitized On Refugee Integration And Community Building Strategy

Nairobi: 9th May 2024

The increasing presence of urban refugees in our city places a strain in services. It’s evident that our City has become a refuge for those seeking safety and opportunity, and the county cannot turn a blind eye to this reality.

Chief Officer for Youth, Talent and Sports Oscar Igaida said “In our efforts to tackle this challenge, Nairobi City County has engaged in extensive consultations with a wide array of stakeholders, including County Assembly, representatives from the Department of Refugee Affairs, UNHCR, and members of our community. These discussions have provided invaluable insights into the complexities of urban refugee management in Nairobi County.”
Countyassemblytraining 3“Based on these insights, we are developing the Nairobi County Refugee Integration and Community Building Strategy. This concept sheds light on the current situation of urban refugees in our county and outlines our vision for their integration into our society.” He said.

The Chief Officer said “The Comprehensive Refugee Integration and Community Building Strategy presents us with a framework to foster meaningful connections and collaborations. By promoting access to education, healthcare, housing, and employment opportunities for refugees, we contribute to the prosperity of our entire community.

The Chair for Sectorial Committee for Culture and Community Services Hon. Clarence Munga emphasized on the crucial importance of embracing this Strategy. As elected representatives of this diverse and vibrant community, it is our duty to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, feels welcomed and valued in our city.

Hon. Munga said Refugees bring with them unique experiences, talents, and perspectives that enrich the fabric of our society. Their integration is not just a humanitarian obligation but also a pathway towards a more inclusive and resilient Nairobi.
Countyassemblytraining 1Mr. Igaida further said “building strong community ties benefits everyone. It enhances social cohesion, strengthens local economies, and promotes stability. As representatives entrusted with shaping policies, let us ensure that our decisions reflect the values of compassion, dignity, and solidarity.”

He urged the Members of the County Assembly to engage actively in the sensitization and implementation of this strategy and work together to create an environment where diversity is celebrated and where every individual, irrespective of their origin, can thrive.

The Chief Officer was accompanied by Youth, Talent & Libraries Director Mr. Daniel Ngari and a few members of the technical Working Group. Also present were members of HIAS (NGO working in the refugee space) who were the sponsors of the initiative


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