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Nairobi County and FAO Collaborate to Advance Green Cities Initiative for Urban Wellbeing

Nairobi, 19th March 2024

Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member for Green Nairobi Mr. Ibrahim Auma hosted  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Kenya representatives led by Simone Borelli who paid him a courtesy call to brief  him on Green Cities Initiative(GCI); a Programme aimed at improving people’s wellbeing through increased availability and access to products and services provided by green spaces including urban and peri-urban forestry, agriculture and by sustainable food systems.
Fao1“Green Cities Initiative aims to support cities make tangible impact on the health and wellbeing of people while actively addressing urbanization challenges by integrating urban agriculture, urban forestry and urban food systems into urban planning and enhancing knowledge sharing between cities.” Explained Mr. Simone; an Urban Forestry Officer from FAO’s Forestry Division and Green Cities Coordinator

The Green Nairobi Executive said that the County appreciates the partnerships it has had with FAO. He pointed out that through partnering with FAO, Nairobi County developed a Food Systems Strategy whose goal is to provide affordable, accessible and safe food for Nairobi residents.

” Nairobi is not just a capital city of Kenya, but a major player in Eastern Africa region which tends to have pace setting projects. The County through collaboration with FAO has been able to map out 12 retail food markets and train about 100 youths in Korogocho on waste management and other agri business activities for youth, women and people with special needs. We also recently had a delegation from Malawi who had come to study on urban agriculture technologies and food waste management in the city. As far as Green Cities Initiatives is concerned, Nairobi has several areas for partnerships.” Stated Mr. Auma.
Fao2Sector Heads from Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Climate Change and Air Quality monitoring Units shared opportunities for partnership within the GCI agenda amongst them; quality tree seedling nursery establishment, food waste management, investing in modern urban agriculture technologies that create decent jobs for women and youth, cold storage for urban food markets to reduce food waste, bio digesters to reduce animal waste, food safety through upscaling food surveillance and tackling of antimicrobial resistance issues.

Other priority areas discussed for partnership were Carbon emissions reduction, capacity building of technical staff as they implement Climate Action Plan and the food system strategy

Mr. Simone was accompanied by Ms. Rebeccah Wanjiru who is an Urban Food Systems Specialist at FAO- Kenya.


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