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Nairobi City County’s Mji Wa Huruma Witnesses Transformative Changes: Carrefour Sponsors Driveway and Cabro Works Launch, PCEA Provides Spiritual Support for Senior Citizens

Nairobi 10th December 2023

Nairobi City County’s Mji Wa Huruma was a buzz of activity earlier today with County Executive for Talents, Skills  Development and Care Ms. Rosemary Kariuki  accompanied by the Chief Officer Social Services Mr. George Mutiso launching the  construction of the drive way and installation of cabro works at the parking lot by Carrefour Supermarkets. The Presbyterian Churches of East Africa (PCEA) Pangani also visited the facility to offer spiritual guidance and support for the older persons.
Mjiwahuruma4The works are fully sponsored by Carrefour supermarkets. The PCEA church paid a visit to offer donations, spiritual nourishment and have lunch with the senior citizens.

Said The County Executive “I am honored to launch the rehabilitation of our older persons drive way and packing for this facility, coupled with the essential provision of spiritual nourishment for our elderly residents. As a community, it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being and dignity of our senior members. The rehabilitation of our facility aims to create an environment that not only meets the physical needs of our elderly but also enhances their overall quality of life. By investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure, specialized healthcare services, and trained staff, we are committed to providing a comfortable and secure haven for our seniors.”
Mjiwahuruma1“Recognizing the significance of spiritual well-being, we are implementing programs to offer profound spiritual nourishment to our elderly residents. This includes fostering an environment that respects diverse religious beliefs, organizing regular religious services, and providing access to spiritual counselors who can offer guidance and support. Studies have shown that integrating spiritual elements into care for the elderly can positively impact mental health and overall life satisfaction. By embracing the spiritual dimension, we are not only addressing their physical needs but also attending to the holistic well-being of our senior community members.” She added.

The County Executive and the Chief Officer also inspected the kitchen project that commenced late this year.  “We have in the recent past witnessed increasing number of our senior citizens being either abandoned or neglected and therefore the need to have a facility that is well equipped to cater for the increasing number and the needs that come with older persons. We have future plans for expansion of the facility and we are in the early planning stages to have duty house’s constructed within the facility.” Said Chief Officer Social Services Mr. George Mutiso.

County Provident Fund (CPF) forged a partnership with Nairobi City County earlier this year on the modernization, renovation and equipping the Mji wa Huruma Kitchen to a tune of over 2 million shillings. The County owned facility has been in existence for over 40 years and is fully managed Nairobi City County. The facility caters for the vulnerable aged in the society. Since its existence the home has been taking care of the aged who have no one to care for them.
Mjiwahuruma9“I want to guarantee you of the resolute support from Governor Sakaja Johnson towards this important initiative that you have agreed to undertake as our partner. We are fully committed to working hand in hand with you, identifying and collaborating on key areas that will see the formation of structures in the County that will realize  the vulnerable in the society are well taken care of  in Nairobi County and other counties can emulate.” Said the County Executive.

“The rehabilitation of Mji wa Huruma our older persons’ facility and the provision of spiritual nourishment are vital steps toward creating a caring and compassionate community for our elderly. Together, let us embark on this journey to ensure that our seniors enjoy their golden years with dignity, respect, and a sense of belonging.” She said


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