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Nairobi City County to Develop Policy on Income Generating Units in County Vocational Training Centers.

NAIROBI: 15th March 2024

A team led by Director of Policy Development, Dr. Benjamin Kimolo has started the development of a policy on income generating units in Nairobi City County’s vocational training centers, the team that comprises, Deputy Director Vocational training Mr. Leonard Mititi, principals, partners and other stakeholders have started discussions on the policy formulation process that will see team develop a policy that will guide the units.

Mr. Mititi, who is in charge of the Vocational centers said that it’s imperative to recognize the significance of vocational education in empowering individuals and communities. Our vocational training centers serve as catalysts for economic growth and social development by equipping students with practical skills for the workforce.

He said, “The introduction of income generating units within these centers presents a unique opportunity to not only enhance the sustainability of the institutions but also to provide real-world entrepreneurial experience to our students. By integrating income generating activities such as small-scale businesses, workshops, or service-oriented enterprises, we can create a dynamic learning environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and self-reliance.
“This policy development process requires careful consideration of various factors, including feasibility, sustainability, and alignment with the goals of our vocational education system. We must ensure that the proposed income generating units complement the existing curriculum and enhance the learning experience rather than detract from it.” Said Mr. Mititi.

Mr. Mititi said it was crucial to involve all stakeholders, including students, instructors, administrators, and the local community, in the decision-making process. “Their input and feedback are invaluable in shaping a policy that reflects the needs and aspirations of everyone involved.”

He further said the development of a policy on income generating units in Nairobi City County’s vocational training centers marks a significant step towards realizing our vision of inclusive, sustainable, and impactful vocational education. Let us collaborate, innovate, and commit ourselves to creating a policy that not only enriches our institutions but also transforms the lives of our students and communities for the better.


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