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Nairobi City County Takes Lead in Combatting Global Air Pollution Crisis: Media Workshop Empowers Journalists to Drive Change

Nairobi, 27th February 2024

Nairobi City County is at the forefront in addressing air pollution menace which is one of the biggest threats to human health, environment and economy, not only in Nairobi but globally due to the ever increasing population and intensification of industries, deforestation and vehicle emissions among other causes.

This was stated by the Deputy Director for Climate Change and Air Quality monitoring Mr. Maurice  Kavai, who represented County Chief Officer for Environment Mr. Hibrahim Otieno, at a media training workshop organized in partnership with Internews Earth Journalism Network and Clean Air Catalyst, aimed at strengthening the  knowledge and reporting skills of Nairobi based Journalists and editors from various media houses, so they can report more effectively, accurately and adequately on matters air pollution.

According to Mr. Kavai, the media serves as a powerful tool in educating the masses about the harmful effects of the air pollution. They also play a key role in shaping public opinion, driving social change and promoting the governments and local authorities to enforce strict regulation, invest in sustainable infrastructure and promote renewable energy sources.

“Your role as watchdogs hold governments accountable and ensures that they take appropriate measures to combat air pollution effectively.” Mr. Kavai noted.

As a result of media dedication in reporting about air pollution, Mr. Kavai noted that air pollution topic has become a prominent issue on the global agenda pushing governments and individuals to take action and safeguard the planet.

At the end of the workshop, it is expected that the media will be in a better place to provide quality reporting on air pollution in Nairobi and its impact on women, men, boys and girls contributing to strengthened public awareness and understanding of key sources of air pollution and catalyzing the solutions that reduce air pollution and improve human health.


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