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Nairobi City County scores another goal in the Health Wellness and nutrition Sector.

Nairobi 13th September 2023

The sector launched the Costed Community Health Implementation Plan 2023-2027 and the Nairobi City County Investment Case in an event that was grace by the Deputy Governor H.E Njoroge Muchiri.

Said the DG “Looking around, I see a people charged and fired up to tilt the scales of service delivery in the Health sector and in the lives of all the residents of Nairobi City. Drawn from Nairobi City County Headquarters, Sub-County level, community health teams and our valued partners”

The objective of the Nairobi City County’s Costed Community Health Implementation Plan 2023-2027 is to enhance access to quality health care among residents of Nairobi City.

The plan outlines six priority areas namely: -Strengthening leadership and governance for community health services; Exploring innovative and sustainable financing solutions; Building a highly motivated and skilled community health workforce.
Well2Improving community health data reporting systems; Increasing access, coverage, and utilization of community health services and ensuring efficient and sustainable commodities and supplies.

The Deputy Governor added “I am pleased to note that we have made remarkable progress towards implementing this plan, for instance, we have allocated a budget for Community Health Promoter stipends in the Financial Year 2022/23 and 2023/24. This will go a long way in motivating our community health promoters to deliver quality services to our communities.”

The Sector further unveiled the Nairobi City County Community Health Services Investment Case.

The Investment Case will address among others issues the community health workers’ delivery on promotional, preventive and curative health interventions which have remained an under-invested component of health systems in most settings.
Well6\For instance, evidence about the effectiveness of community health interventions to avert deaths and disease continue to grow.

It is for this reason that Nairobi City County resolved to develop a Health Services Investment Case as an advocacy tool to create support and consensus among stakeholders on the importance of investment in the Community Health program. Consequently, the Investment Case as a tool of advocacy will ensure that key decision makers and partners are informed about the value of Community Health program but also, ensure that sufficient resources are allocated in support of the Community Health Program.
Well7From the estimates given by experts Nairobi City County can expect an estimated 14 times return on investment for every shilling invested in community health.

Towards this cause, Nairobi City County has partnered with: Johnson and Johnson, Financing Alliance for Health, UNICEF, USAID – Fahari ya Jamii, World Vision Kenya, Save the Children SHOFCO, Agakhan University Hospital, Maltesar International, to mention but a few.

The Deputy Governor was in the Company of County Chief Officers Mr. Tom Nyakaba-Public Health and Mr. Tiras Njoroge -Smart Nairobi plus Directors from the Health Wellness and Nutrition Sector among them Dr. Carol Ngunu, Dr. Lucina Koiyo and Ms. Esther Mogusu.

Kindly click this link to view Nairobi City County Community Health Services Investment case 2023

Kindly click this link to view NAIROBI CITY COUNTY Community Health Services Implementation Plan 2023 – 2027


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