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Nairobi City County Records Department Advances Finalization of Records Management Policy at Charter Hall

NAIROBI: 5th March 2024

Today, at Charter Hall, the Nairobi City County Records Department took decisive steps in finalizing the Nairobi City Records Management Policy. A diverse group, comprising members from departments such as Research and Policy, Records, Kenya Archives, and sector records staff, convened for a crucial session that marks the beginning of a three-day intensive effort aimed at completing the policy document.
Records5Dr. Kimolo, the Research and Policy Director, underscored the paramount importance of records in preserving the identity of the Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) and fostering good governance. Susan, the Director of Records, emphasized the significance of the policy in providing comprehensive guidance on record management procedures, practices, and regulations. She further highlighted its pivotal role in ensuring the creation and maintenance of accurate and reliable records throughout their lifecycle.

This collaborative endeavor is geared towards establishing a robust framework that not only safeguards the heritage of NCCG but also enhances operational efficiency and transparency through effective record-keeping practices. The ongoing efforts at Charter Hall reflect a commitment to laying the foundation for sound governance through meticulous records management.

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