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Nairobi City County Partners with Help Age International for Stakeholders Meeting on Older Persons Welfare Policy

Nairobi 13th December 2023

Nairobi City County Executive Member for Talents Skills Development and Care Ms. Rosemary Kariuki accompanied by Chief Officer Social Services Mr. George Mutiso held a stakeholders meeting at a Nairobi hotel to discuss the formulation of older persons welfare policy.

The County Executive Ms.  Rosemary Kariuki said “This is a crucial meeting dedicated to forging partnerships and mobilizing resources for the development of Nairobi City County’s older person’s welfare’s policy. Today we gather not only as representatives of diverse organizations but as advocates for the well-being of our senior citizens. The purpose of this gathering is to foster collaboration among social service organizations, governmental bodies and community stakeholders to create a comprehensive policy framework that ensures the dignity, health and social inclusion of our elderly residents.”
Olderpersonpolicy10“Nairobi, a city rich in diversity and resilience, has a responsibility to embrace the changing demographics and provide a supportive environment for its older residents. This meeting serves as a catalyst for synergy, a platform to share insights and a call to action for collective efforts in shaping policies that truly reflect the values of compassion and social justice” Added the County Executive.

The Chief Officer Mr. George Mutiso said “Healthcare is a cornerstone of any older person’s policy. Accessible and affordable healthcare services, along with preventive measures, are pivotal to ensuring the elderly lead healthy, active lives. Additionally, mental health support should be integrated, addressing the unique challenges faced by older individuals, fostering emotional well-being.”
Olderpersonpolicy1Mr. Mutiso emphasized that Policies must safeguard the financial security of older persons, ensuring they can live with dignity and independence. This involves pension schemes, social security nets, and measures to protect against elder abuse and exploitation. “Creating age-friendly environments is paramount. This includes accessible public spaces, transportation, and housing, allowing seniors to navigate their communities comfortably. Implementing technology education programs can empower older individuals, bridging the digital divide and connecting them to the broader world.” He said.
Olderpersonpolicy3“We should use this opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, explore potential partnerships and identify tangible actions that will lead to the creation of a robust Older Persons Welfare Policy for Nairobi City County. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of our older citizens, ensuring that they age with dignity and enjoy a high quality life.” Said the County Executive.

The stakeholders meeting held in partnership with help Age International. Present were Chief Officer Gender and Inclusivity Ms. Mariam Dahir, Deputy Director Robert Muema Family and Children Services, Frederick Ogutu Adero Assistant Director Family and Social Welfare Services, Rosemary Kibathi Assistant Director Children Services, Participants drawn from National Government State Department of Social Protection, civil society Organizations, Community based organizations among others.


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