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Nairobi City County, HelpAge and County Provident Fund (CPF) to Collaborate to make Nairobi an Age friendly City

Nairobi: 25th, April 2024

It is important to recognize the profound value that older persons bring to our society and the responsibility we all share in ensuring their well-being and dignity. County Executive for Talent Skill Development and Care Rosemary Kariuki held a meeting to discuss possible partnership between the County HelpAge International and CPF.

The County Executive said “Every one of us is a candidate to old age, as we acknowledge the immense contributions our elders have made throughout their lives, the welfare of our older citizens and the vision of making Nairobi an age-friendly city is inevitable. They have been the architects of our city, the custodians of wisdom, and the bearers of our cultural heritage. It is our duty to honor their legacy by creating an environment that supports their needs and aspirations.”

She said “Nairobi, like many rapidly growing cities, faces unique challenges in meeting the needs of its aging population. As we seek to transform Nairobi into an age-friendly city, we must focus on key areas of collaboration,

Key among areas that the City County is seeking to collaborate are – Healthcare and Social Services. Accessible and affordable healthcare services tailored to the needs of older persons are essential.

Transportation and Infrastructure – Age-friendly city should have accessible public transportation and infrastructure that accommodate the mobility needs of older persons. Sidewalks, parks, and public spaces should be designed with their safety and comfort in mind.

Day-care Services for older persons – The County executive has said the County is exploring use of social halls as day care Centres. Nairobi will provide care for the vulnerable and abandoned. We intend to have a provision for those willing to pay to stay at the Centres. The County is also open to have private facilities licensed to operate as older persons care Centres. Making Nairobi an age friendly City by promoting social inclusion and community engagement is vital for the well-being of older adults. Programs that foster intergenerational interactions, recreational activities, and lifelong learning can enrich their lives and combat social isolation.

Development of retirement houses – Affordable and age-appropriate housing options are crucial. Our collaborative efforts will focus on developing senior-friendly housing solutions, retrofitting existing buildings, and promoting age-in-place initiatives.

“Making Nairobi an age-friendly city requires a collective commitment from all stakeholders – government, civil society, businesses, academia, and the community at large” She said.

In attendance was the Chief Officer Social Services George Mutiso, Rose Bwire from HelpAge and Maurice Omollo CPF.


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