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Nairobi City County Explores Strategic Partnership with Shandong Police College for Security Excellence and Tech-Based Training Initiatives

Nairobi Monday, January 23, 2024

The Department of Donor Coordination and Stakeholder Engagement today engaged the leadership of the Shandong Police College of the People’s Republic of China on possible areas of cooperation with NCCG in upscaling the County’s Inspectorate School into the proposed Centre of Excellence for Safety and Security Studies.  The session was attended by senior officers of the County’s Security and Compliance.
Shandong3The Shandong College Vice President Ms. Sui Congong expressed the College’s commitment to Tech based security training that meets global standards in supporting safety, security and socio economic development. We are excited to consider the possibility of training programmes targeting the unique needs of Nairobi City in the near future”.

The areas of Cyber Security, Data Security, Forensic Analysis, Investigation of Economic Crimes and Tech Based Surveillance were identified as capacity needs that Nairobi City Security sector would be interested in.
Shandong4Officers present included the Deputy Director (Administration, City Inspectorate Joyce Somoni) and Mr. Jimbi – Community Policing.

The Vice President was acompanied by Director of Foreign Training Jia Youshan, Director of Finance and Equipment Division Ms. Feng Panxiang among other senior officers of the college.



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