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Nairobi City County Continues Education Support: 2nd Batch of Scholarships and Bursaries on Horizon, Building Brighter Futures

MOMBASA: 23 March 2024

Nairobi City County earlier in the year released the 3rd batch executive scholarships Kshs 131million and ward bursaries 170million for academic year ended December 2023.

The 2nd batch of Scholarships and Bursaries for this academic year is in its final stages ready for disbursement to schools in the next few days. Early this year Governor Sakaja launched bursaries worth Ksh.857 million to needy but bright students in the City. The City boss will in the course of the year also release Kshs. 100 Million in grant for free ECDE with the aim of adding value to the ECDE education in the county and create suitable learning environment for school children.
2ndbatchsupport1This is one of Governor Sakaja’s commitment to Nairobi to bring order, dignity, hope and opportunity to all by ensuring 100% transition to Secondary schools through fair identification and disbursement of Bursaries and free ECDE in the County.

Chief Officer for Early Childhood Development Education and Vocational Training said, “Nairobi City County is keen to ensuring needy but bright students receive education. Nairobi as most of the Cities around the world faces challenges related to poverty and limited access to quality education.  These Scholarships and Bursaries aim to address these issues by providing financial support for school fees. H.E. Governor Sakaja has given deserving students the opportunity to attend school, access better educational facilities, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty through this program”
2ndbatchsupport3Abdi said “These bursaries are often awarded based on factors such as financial need, academic performance, and community involvement. By investing in the education of underprivileged children, these programs help create a more equitable and educated society, fostering the development of future leaders and improving the overall well-being of the community. These efforts make a positive impact on the lives of countless young individuals, empowering them to pursue their dreams and contribute to the development of Nairobi and Kenya as a whole.”

Chief Officer said “This program has enabled some of the beneficiaries access universities and other institutions of higher learning across the country hence pursuing their dreams and give them hope for a brighter future.

Director City Education Ms. Ruth Owuor said “Bursaries for needy children in Nairobi play a crucial role in providing access to education for disadvantaged students. H. E Governor Sakaja has made sure that needy and bright children from Nairobi City County access scholarships to cater for their education.”
2ndbatchsupport11Since Governor Sakaja took over office, Nairobi City County has seen over Kshs 1billion 4 year scholarships and Ward Bursaries released. First term payments for 2024 Bursaries per ward total 2.5million targeting over 40 thousand students in Secondary and Tertiary Training Institutions are set to be released soon with the Cheques ready for disbursement.

Abdi said the provision of bursaries is not just a gesture of goodwill by the Governor but a fundamental investment in the future of our city. By alleviating the financial burden on families, we are not only enabling students to pursue their academic dreams but also breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality.



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