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Nairobi City County Community Development Policy in its final stages of Development

Nairobi: 14th May 2024

The Social Services sub sector has made remarkable strides in the development of Nairobi City County’s community development policy. This transformative journey signifies achievements and envision the promising future that lies ahead in empowering Nairobi residents.

County Executive for Talent Skill Development and Care Rosemary Kariuki led a one day workshop to review and report on progress. She said, one of the key pillars of our community development policy is empowerment. We are committed to empowering individuals and communities to actively participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives. Through targeted programs and initiatives, we are promoting civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and skills development to unlock the potential of our diverse population.
Devpolicy 8The County Executive said the policy places a strong emphasis on equity and social justice. “We are dedicated to bridging the gap between different socioeconomic groups and ensuring that no one is left behind. By investing in quality education, healthcare, housing, and infrastructure, we are striving to create a level playing field where every resident can thrive and prosper.”

Chief Officer Social Services George Mutiso emphasized on Collaboration and partnership as central to policy framework. “We recognize that sustainable development requires collective action. Therefore, we are forging strong partnerships with the private sector, civil society, academia, and international organizations to leverage resources, expertise, and innovation for the greater good.”

The County Executive said there was need for all stakeholders to join hands and contribute to this transformative agenda, “we can build a Nairobi that is inclusive, resilient, and prosperous—a city where every individual has the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to society.”
Devpolicy 3Present were Assistant Directors, Community Development Christine Ongoro, Fredrick Ogutu Family Welfare, Rosemary Kibathi, Chidren Rehabilitation, Evans Mogire Legal among others

The workshop was sponsored by Pamoja Trust.


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