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Nairobi City County Commits to Clean Air and Sustainable Environment: Green Initiatives and Collaborations Highlighted at Climate and Clean Air Conference

Nairobi, 22nd February 2024

Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member for Green Nairobi Mr. Ibrahim Auma has reiterated Nairobi County’s Commitment in ensuring a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

Mr. Auma was speaking at a side event at the Climate and Clean Air Conference on Scaling up implementation for clean Air, led by the World Resources Institute(WRI) at the ongoing Open- Ended Committee of the Permanent Representatives, UN Gigiri.

Responding to a question on how the Clean Air Catalyst Programme supported the City’s priorities and what more can be done collaboratively with other partners, the County Executive said that the County is working with Clean Air Catalyst Programme on three key areas; raising awareness on local pollution sources, building alliances for interventions promoting clean and healthy air and enhancing the capacity to reduce air pollution while improving human health.

” His Excellence Governor Sakaja is deeply committed to witnessing positive changes in our air quality situation. We have actively engaged in initiatives such as cycling campaigns.” Said the Green Nairobi County Executive.
Airquality4Mr. Auma mentioned that the County has so far commemorated two international events; the clean Air Quality Awareness week focusing on cycling as a clean transport alternative and the international day of clean air for blue skies which was held last September.

“These efforts, including the mural of the late Ella right in front of the Governor’s office along City Hall Way, aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of air pollution. As we move forward, local examples will further drive the importance of these issues at home.” Mr. Auma added.

Mr. Auma said that through collaboration with partners such as Airqo, the County has seen establishment of an air quality monitoring network. He also admitted that the Clean Air Catalyst has played a key role in creating emissions inventory, covering transport, open burning of solid waste and the ongoing household data collection; studies that will provide valuable insights for realistic policy decisions.

Mr. Auma further said that in the pursuit of enhanced air quality monitoring, the county invites collaboration on air pollution alerts and forecasting, adding that the integration of real time air pollution monitoring with artificial intelligence holds the potential to predict the status of air quality in the City.

The CECM was accompanied by Deputy Director Climate Change and Air Quality Monitoring Maurice Kavai and Assistant Director Grace Ojiayo and officers from Green Nairobi.


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