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Nairobi City County Champions Global Refugee Commitments at GRF 2023 Review Meeting: A Call for Tangible Actions and Collaborative Partnerships

Nairobi 30th November 2023.

Nairobi City County Executive for Talents, Skills Development and care Ms. Rosemary Kariuki accompanied by the Chief Officer Social Services Mr. George Mutiso attend the Global Refugee Forum (GRF) 2023 at a Nairobi Hotel. The aim of the meeting was to review the GRF pledges made back in 2019 and commitment of the Government in the Shirika plan.

County Executive for Talent, Skill Development and Care who Represented Governor Sakaja, said, ” In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges, our commitment to finding sustainable solutions for asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants remains paramount. The pledges made at GRF (2023) carry the weight of collective responsibility. As we discuss strategies, let us not forget that behind every statistic is a human story, a tale of resilience, courage and the pursuit of a better life. Nairobi City County government plays a critical role in this regard.”
Grf9“As we prepare the upcoming Global Refugee forum 2023 scheduled for the 13th – 15th December 2023 in Geneva, we are enthusiastic about the collaborative efforts between our institutions and other non-Government actors involved in refugee matters. Collaboration between nations is the key to success, let us strengthen partnerships and share the burden equitably.” Said the County Executive.

“Today, let our words translate into tangible actions. The pledges we make are not mere premises; they are the foundation of hope for millions. Together let’s create a world where compassion triumphs over adversity, and where the displaced find not only refuge, but also the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Nairobi City County will support all efforts towards realization of GRF 2023 pledges.” she added.
Grf14Principal Secretary, State Department of Immigration and Citizen Services Professor Julius k. Bitok said, “The Government has and will continue to maintain an open door policy for refugees and asylum seekers. Due to limited financial resources, the government is engaging with private sectors and other partners to ensure success.”

In attendance was Governor, Garissa County H.E. Nathif Jama Adam, Turkana County Governors representative, United Nations Resident Coordinator Dr.  Stephen Jackson, UNHCR representative Caroline Van Buren, representatives from the German Embassy, American Embassy , Swedish Embassy, European Union (EU) among  other State and non-State  representatives.



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