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Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi City County and National Museums of Kenya Explore collaborations to enhance tourism in Nairobi.

Nairobi, 26th July, 2023
This Afternoon Dr. Anastasia Nyalita, Nairobi County Executive for Inclusivity, Public participation, and Customer Service met with Professor Mary Gikungu, the Director General of the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) at her office.
Museums3The two discussed ways which the Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) and NMK can partner in the promotion of cultural relations, research, eco-tourism, food security, and joint exhibitions, amongst other things.

Said Dr. Nyalita, “Museums like the National Museum benefit the community by providing a place for Nairobians to learn about history, art, culture, artistic, historical and scientific artifacts This will greatly help with marketing and raising Nairobi’s profile, locally, regionally, and internationally. We will explore the idea of having localized museums within the parks in the county, this will ensure we attract more visitors to our great city.”
Museums 2Said Professor Gikungu, “Cultural heritage is cross cutting. We would like to explore the cultural industry and potential research opportunities and partnership with the NCCG. We have over 10 million objects that speak about Nairobi and Kenya’s heritage because we interact with both in-situ and ex- situ conservation of biodiversity. I am happy that you have agreed to consider our proposal to relocate replica remains like the “Turkana boy” which would be used to enhance tourism in Nairobi City. This will pave the way for more partnerships and collaborations between the two entities.”
Museum5Dr. Anastasia Nyalita, Nairobi County Executive for Inclusivity, Public participation and Customer Service with Professor Frederick Kyalo, the Director, antiquities sites and monuments at the Earth Sciences department during her visit at the National Museum. Dr Nyalita was being shown the remains of Turkana Boy, also called Nariokotome boy, a Homo Erectus who lived more than 1.6 million years ago. Its remains were discovered in 1984.

Present during the meeting was Nairobi County’s Susan Mukuhi, Deputy Director, Tourism and Professor Fredrick Kyalo, Director, Antiquities, sites, and monuments


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