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Murang’a University Delegation Tours Dandora Stadium, Celebrates Sports Milestone with Nairobi County Sports Director

NAIROBI: 15th March, 2024

A team from Murang’a University was received by Nairobi County Sports Director Mr. Hari Mwahari at the newly constructed Dandora Stadium, the team led by Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Beatrice Mugendi toured Dandora Stadium to witness and celebrate the results of our efforts, witness a significant milestone in sports, benchmark and learn from each other’s experiences.

The team is on a benchmarking tour of the Dandora 4000 seater stadium which was unveiled by Gov. Sakaja 1 week ago. Dandora Stadium, a symbol of resilience and community spirit, serves as the perfect backdrop for benchmarking by other institutions and counties as well. Just as this stadium has evolved and transformed over the years, so too must our county adapt and innovate to meet the needs of our citizens.

The state of the art stadium represents just the beginning of Governor Sakaja’s vision for Nairobi as a City of opportunity. Nairobi is committed to delivering similar sports centers in all sub-counties, notable ones coming up in the next couple of months being City Stadium recently renamed Joe Kadenge now under renovation, Mwiki Sports Complex, and Woodley sports complex.
Sportsbenchmark17Nairobi through the leadership of Governor Sakaja is set to become a leader in the provision of sports facilities, recognizing the immense potential in sports, creative arts, and talents to transform lives. The capacity of the Dandora Stadium will accommodate a substantial number of spectators, ensuring that it becomes a hub for sporting events and community gatherings alike. It will help nurture, grow, and monetize the capabilities of our youth, paving the way for a brighter future for Nairobi.

The Deputy Director Sports Mr. Hari Mwahari who led the tour of the stadium told the team “As we reflect on our journey, we are proud to share the strides we have made as a sector, from open sports grounds with no infrastructure to what we are seeing today. Through our interactions with other cities in the world, we have gained invaluable insights and perspectives that have helped shape our policies and initiatives. We have learned through these experiences and we continue to improve”

Professor Mugendi said that they learned about Dandora Stadium from digital platforms and were impressed by the development and that’s when the journey to benchmark was born.  “Benchmarking is not merely about comparing ourselves to others, but it’s about understanding best practices, identifying areas for improvement, and ultimately striving for excellence. Murang’a University has embraced this concept wholeheartedly, recognizing the value of seeking inspiration and knowledge from beyond our borders.

“The stadium is equipped with Modern gym and will create even more opportunities such as Creation of more professional teams within the community, add value to the properties surrounding the stadium, improve Public transport and economic development within the area and its environs just to name but a-few “said the Deputy Director.
Sportsbenchmark5The stadium, which was officially opened by Nairobi County Governor H.E Sakaja Arthur Johnson a week ago will provide quality sporting facilities to more than one million city residents. Over 30 football teams in Nairobi will now have a chance to utilize the facility at affordable fees. The objective of the construction of this facility was also to provide a platform for youth empowerment.

The construction was necessitated by lack of a playable Sports facility in the Sub-county.

The Team was also accompanied by a team from University of Nairobi Enterprises ltd (UNES) who have been tasked with the project development for Murang’a University.


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