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Motivation and assessment visit to firefighters training at kangundo road fire station.

Nairobi, 6th August 2023

Nairobi City County Chief Officer incharge of Disaster Management and Coordination, Mr. Bramwel Simiyu, has reiterated the significance of motivation and assessment in maintaining a high level performance among the Nairobi City County firefighters. As part of their ongoing efforts, the Office of the Chief Officer, together with the department’s instructors, conducted a routine visit to the Kangundo Road sub-station, where firefighters are currently undergoing training.
Disaster1In line with H.E Governor Sakaja’s Manifesto, the ongoing training is a re-training exercise that seeks to equip the firefighters with modern firefighting skills, enhance feedback, and serves to strengthen the firefighting force and enhance their ability to respond to emergencies promptly and efficiently.

During the visit the Chief Officer Mr. Simiyu said” I recognize the commitment and relentlessness of the firefighters in this ongoing training and I appreciate your exceptional performance, heroism, and other accomplishments. I want to urge you to continue with the same dedication and passion which is important as we strive to save lives and property.”
Disaster3 1“I want to assure you that these motivational and assessment visits will happen on a regular basis so as to show support and guidance with the aim of maintaining effective communication, promote continuous improvement and sustain motivation in all fire stations within Nairobi county as we ensure that all firefighters have the necessary resources and skills to protect the community effectively. “He said.

The visit also served as an opportunity to assess the firefighting skills and operational readiness of the fire stations. Chief Officer Mr. Simiyu and his team conducted a thorough inspection of the fire engines, equipment, and working conditions at Kangundo Road. The aim was to identify areas that needed improvement and to provide constructive feedback to enhance the overall performance and readiness of the fire stations.
Disaster5 1Equipment and resource evaluation were also part of the visit’s agenda. The team examined the firefighting equipment, safety gear, and resources available at Kangundo Road fire station. They ensured that the equipment met the required standards, was properly maintained, and addressed any needs for additional resources.


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