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Kenya’s Bid to Host 2026 Global Social Workers Conference Gains Momentum: County Executives and International Partners Collaborate for Social Change

NAIROBI: 19th January 2024

County Executive for Talents, Skills, Development and Care Ms. Rosemary Kariuki accompanied by the Chief Officer for social services Mr. George Mutiso held a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Ms. Florence Bore together with the Principal Secretary, State Department for Social Protection Mr. Joseph Motari representatives from the International Federation of Social workers led by the Secretary General Dr. Pascal Rudin and the President Joakim Mumba.
Stakeholders4The purpose of the meeting is to plan for the upcoming Social Workers Global Conference which Kenya has bid to host in 2026. The bid for Kenya to host the global event in 2026 is at a very advanced stage, the final decision will be made at the Panama Conference which will be held this year. Mr George Mutiso has been instrumental in the planning efforts together with the Kenyan National Association of Social Workers led by the Secretary General Mr. Evans Nyakundi. They are also the key members of the International Federation of Social Workers.

Said the County Executive ”As we prepare for the upcoming Global Conference of Social Workers. This gathering serves as a testament to our shared commitment to address the pressing social issues that transcend borders and affect communities worldwide. Our preparation must focus on fostering collaboration and sharing innovative approaches to tackle challenges such as poverty, inequality, and social injustice. Through this conference, we have the opportunity to amplify our impact by learning from each other’s experiences and best practices. Up until now we were at 99.9% that Kenya will host the conference. We have over 170 countries and over 3000 delegates who are expected to attend the conference, this is a major impact not only on social practice but also on social welfare and social workforce in many ways because of the exchange and sharing of experiences among the delegates from different countries.”
Stakeholders2“By embracing diversity and fostering a global perspective, we can collectively contribute to building a more just and equitable world. This is an opportunity for Kenya to boost its economic growth through occupation of hotels and the use of the conference facilities. Let us actively engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that extend beyond geographical boundaries. Together, we can harness the power of social work to create lasting positive change for individuals and communities around the globe.”  Said Ms. Rosemary Kariuki.

The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Ms. Florence Bore said, “The Ministry will have a technical team which will meet and give guidance in all aspects for discussion at the cabinet level going forward. The fact that we are going to have this conference in 2026, means we start our preparations early enough. Let us ensure that our agenda includes discussions on leveraging technology for social change, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for policies that advance the well-being of vulnerable populations. As we prepare for this transformative gathering, let us embody the spirit of solidarity, recognizing that our collective efforts as social workers can make a significant impact on the global landscape.”
Stakeholders9The team also had an engagement with UNICEF regional Director, who pledged support for the conference.

The meeting was also attended by Charles Mbugua Social Workers representative in the United Nations (UN), International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) that has representation in over 170 countries.


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