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Kananu signs the city’s Food System Strategy to address food security in the city

Nairobi, June 18th, 2022

Nairobi City County Governor, Ann Kananu recently signed the city’s Food System Strategy. This is a culmination of a lot of efforts by her administration as set out in the County Integrated Development Plan, 2018-2022, to address the food security situation in the city.

Said Governor Kanau, “At present, about 20% of the city’s population is considered food-poor. The Food System Strategy sets out to correct this situation. It directs greater domestic food production alongside the facilitation of more supplies from other counties. It directs smoothening and improvement of cost-efficiency of food distribution and marketing. It promotes food processing which assures quality while increasing shelf-life and hence the reduction of losses. It promotes consumer welfare through addressing food safety, food quality and the cushioning of food-poor residents.”

By signing the Food System Strategy document, Governor Kananu underscored her commitment and that of her government to implement the strategy, averring: “I am confident that this Strategy will better assure food security for Nairobi City County residents. I therefore call on the many players, stakeholders and institutions to roll out implementation of this Strategy. My government, through all the respective county sectors, is fully committed to implement this Strategy in order to achieve its very noble objectives”.


Kindly click this link to download the City’s Food System Strategy

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