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Nairobi, Kenya.
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Kananu hosts the CEO of Greiner a Global company leader in the field of plastic and foam solutions provision

Nairobi, 3rd March, 2022
Nairobi City County Governor H.E Ann Kananu Mwenda today at City Hall hosted the CEO of Greiner, Mr. Axel Hühner.

Greiner is a global company  headquartered in Austria and a leader  in the field of  plastics and foam solutions provision.

H.E  Ann Kananu said that the County had formulated a legal framework to enhance sustainable plastic waste management.

Added the Governor “The Solid Waste Management Act, 2015 provides for the need to segregate waste streams; plastic included. This enables recovery of more valuable plastic for re-use. The Nairobi City County Plastic Control Act, 2016 provides for the control on the manufacture, usage and disposal of plastic carry bags and other plastic products so as to maintain and restore a clean environment Nairobi.”

H.E Ann Kananu said that this was enhanced by the National Ban on manufacture, sale and use of plastic carrier bags and flat bags for domestic and commercial packaging in Kenya, in 2017 and since then, there has been tremendous improvement in the cleanliness of the City. Plastic packaging was a major component of litter (clogging drainages) especially carrier bags.

H.E Ann Kananu added that In 2018, Nairobi actively participated in the World Habitat Day that initiated the ‘Waste-Wise-City’ campaign. Nairobi then updated its municipal solid waste data base supported by UN-Habitat.

Said H.E “The findings revealed that Nairobi experienced about 35% of uncollected municipal waste. This is the main source of marine pollution. Actually, over 80% of plastic marine waste is from land-based sources. In Kenya this results in 4.5Kg per person annual plastic leakage to water bodies exacerbating climate change effects as well as public health concerns. Nairobi County being a cosmopolitan city, definitely contributes largely to marine litter compared to other counties.”

H.E Ann Kananu said that In 2019, Kenya adopted various standards for recycled plastic packaging materials with a view to not only protecting public safety and health but also to ensure environmental protection.

The Governor added that the use of plastic bottles, straws and related products in all national parks, national reserves, conservation areas and any other wildlife designated areas was banned on the 4th of June 2020.

Said H.E “Under my leadership the Nairobi County continues to support plastic waste recovery by authorizing eligible actors in the resource industry. They operate Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) from which plastic is the main waste stream recovered. The actors include private waste collection companies, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and recycling companies. actors have MRFs.”

H.E Ann Kananu said that one example of the private waste collection company led by the National Ministry of Environment and Forestry is Vintz Plastics- a recycling company and Nyayo Estate-residential establishment, which has recovered 3.3 tons of plastics in the past 3 years and were recently honored for their circularity in plastic waste management as the country transitions from the linear model of managing waste to the circular economy model.

Added the Governor “Nairobi City County Government has formulated a sustainable waste management action plan-the circular economy model. This will be supported by corresponding National legal framework to create a conducive environment to end plastic pollution. Already the private sector has taken initiative in the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) component by establishing Producer Responsibility Organizations; though mainly composed of plastic packaging dealers at the moment. In light of this, we need to explore options on sustainable plastic production because we may not be able to phase out all plastic at once. Circular Economy is about smart product design to prevent waste production. This is timely for Nairobi City as we host UN Environment Assembly”.

Greiner CEO, Axel Hühner said that as a cooperate they believe on the need to curb the plastic solution and are continuously striving to better understand what is being done globally from other  cooperates to curb the pollution.

In attendance was Acting County Secretary, Dr Jairus Musumba, Chief of Staff,  Mutunga Mutungi,  County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Tourism and Co-operatives, Winnie Gathagu,  County Executive Committee Member for Environment Larry Wambua, County Executive Committee Member for Health, Hiten Majevdia.

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