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Innovation and Digital Economy

This sector is in-charge of ICT in the county amongst other things all online payments.
The Innovation and digital economy Sector functions include the following:

  • Automation of all County services in order to provide enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery;
  • Design and development of an interactive website through which information for public consumption can be uploaded thus provide a communication channel for exchange of views and opinions.
  • Implementation of recommendations contained in the ICT Transformation Roadmap that is anchored to County Integrated Development Plan;
  • Ensuring that the departments under the sector are aligned roles and responsibilities with the priorities and objectives set out in the Nairobi City County’s policies and plans;
  • Development of county communications capacity and infrastructure;
  • County Executive committee member – Mr. Michael Gumo
  • Chief Officer-ICT Infrastructure –  John Murungi Lintari
  • Chief officer – Digital Economy and Startups – Victor Otieno Ogolla
  • Chief officer – Smart Nairobi- Tiras Wainaina Njoroge

The Innovation and digital economy function entails maintaining ICT standards within the County Government; spearheading e-Government initiatives in the county public Service; application of Information Communication Technology; systems analysis and design, developing and implementing computerized information systems; carrying out research and development on ICT standards, guidelines and approaches and coordinating their consistent and efficient application in County Public Service; formulating and developing County Government ICT infrastructure; coordinating and developing county website and portals; coordinating the development of the County ICT policy and regulatory framework; providing advisory services to departments on all matters related to ICT; training on the use of ICTs equipment and system applications, relevant software packages and developing customized applications; providing hardware maintenance support services; and liaising with hardware vendors for administration of guarantees and warranties.

The county’s vision is  “To make Nairobi the city of order and dignity; Hope and Opportunities for all”. To accelerate to the county’s vision, IDE sector need to enable its clients to interact with Nairobi City County and have access to the services provided with ease. This can only be achieved effectively by automating services and enabling the clients to communicate through our web portal platform and online forms. In the county ICT transformation roadmap, the IDE sector is expected to help the County address the existing barriers to effective citizen’s service delivery and ensure that the county meets its objectives of service delivery to Nairobians. As ICT, our Mission is: – “To automate all County services for effective and efficient service delivery to the residents of Nairobi”.

Sector response to County Mission and vision

Vision– To make Nairobi the city of order and dignity; Hope and Opportunities for all

Mission– To provide affordable, accessible and sustainable quality service, enhancing community participation and creating a secure climate for political, social and economic development through the commitment of a motivated and dedicated team.

The sector is working towards making the Nairobi County a SMART City through integration of technology in all its service delivery areas . Response – the sector has commenced the process of automating all County services for effective and efficient service delivery to the residents of Nairobi.

Highlights of IDE sector Achievements

    1. Ease of doing business

The county through IDE sector has put in place an e-payment system and web portal that provides the following Citizen services online: –

      • Payment for Rent & Rates
      • Payment for Parking
      • Application and tracking of permits e.g. building construction
      • Application & payment for business permits
      • Daily market fees and stall rental
      • Payment for outdoor advertising
      • Unified Business Permit

The county through the IDE sector also intends to do the following services online.

      • Registration & Licensing of pets
      • Customer Care – Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web enquiry and complaints management.
      • Ease of contacting Emergency services e.g. Fire.
    1. Overhaul of ICT Infrastructure.

The County has undertaken structured cabling at its City Hall and city hall annex offices and is set to undertake the same in all sub-county headquarters expected. Operationalization of the County Data Center to host systems and applications is also on going . The installation of Unified communication to provide a reliable solution for collaboration covering telephone PABX and video conferencing is also underway.

    1. Email Solution Implementation

The County implemented an email messaging and collaboration solution to provide staff with official email addresses for ease of online communication. This has improved on the time taken to transact official county business.

Other key priorities for sector includes: –

    • Acquisition of an Integrated City Revenue Management System i.e. ERP;
    • Citizen Relationship Management system;
    • Intelligent City Surveillance & Traffic Management in partnership with National Government; and
    • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – To manage spatial data to support planning and service delivery.



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