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Nairobi, Kenya.
Public Participation 1

Inclusivity, Public Participation And Customer Service Sector

The sector deals with the following functions in the Three sub sectors:-

Public engagement, Citizen engagement, and Customer service sub sector Functions-

  • Public participation and citizen engagement
  • Public communication and engagement
  • Undertaking research and innovation on e-Government services; and oversee implementation of capacity building initiatives on e-Government
  • Customer service experience
  • Public service reorientation.

City culture, Arts and Tourism sub sector Functions-

  • The vibe of the city
  • The annual Nairobi Festival
  • Cultural activities –Promotion of unity in cultural activities, coordination of community cultural festivals, Policy implementation advice, Cultural diversity at county level, Research and documentation.
  • Dissemination and preservation of indigenous knowledge, establishment of cultural practitioners, Cultural exchanges and establishment of community cultural enters.
  • Cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities.
  • Forster local participation in tourism and the management of tourism activities.
  • Development and implementation of county tourism Development plans, programmes and projects
  • Collection and compilation of tourism information and data in the county.
  • Marketing of county tourism in collaboration with the Kenya tourism board.
  • Coordination and maintenance of tourism products and facilities standards and quality management in liaison with industry stakeholders.

Gender and Inclusivity Sub sector-

  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Disability mainstreaming and affirmative action
  • Promote and manage programmes for children, women and persons living with disabilities.
  • Gender based violence awareness and prevention
  • County safe houses
  • Promote and ensure compliance with preference and reservations targeting special interest’s groups e.g. 30% procurement opportunities for youth, women and persons with disabilities.

Physical Location: Physical Location: City Hall , 2nd Floor
Telephone: Telephone: +254 ………………..

  • County Executive – Dr. Anastasia Nyalita
  • Chief Officer –City culture, Arts and Tourism –Clement Rapudo Sijenyi
  • Chief Officer –Public participation, citizen engagement and customer Service-Lydia Mathia
  • Chief Officer –Gender and Inclusivity –Maryam Dubow Dahir

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