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Green Nairobi Supports Youth Agriculture at 2024 Young Farmers Clubs National Camp

Nairobi, 9th April 2024

Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member for Green Nairobi Mr. Ibrahim Auma graced the opening ceremony of the 2024 Young Farmers Clubs of Kenya National Camp at State House Girls, Nairobi.

The event brought together students and Club’s patrons from all parts of the country with the key agenda of training them in agriculture and agro- entrepreneurship opportunities.

Mr. Auma said Nairobi County understands the important role agriculture plays in the country’s wellbeing, thus the importance of instilling love for farming and entrepreneurship in the youth.
Yfcnairobi6The Green Nairobi boss affirmed Nairobi City County’s unwavering support on children led initiatives noting that through initiatives like the young farmers clubs, next generation of agricultural leaders and innovators is nurtured.

“Back in our days farming was not a walk in the park. It was more of a punishment. We did not appreciate agriculture for the marvel it truly is. But today times have changed. We are living in the era of smart agriculture.  Gone are days of back breaking labor and endless toiling under the sun. We got modern technologies and innovations for farming. Agriculture is the backbone of the country and by educating young ones about intricacies of farming and the opportunities along the agricultural value chain, we are not only fostering a responsible and food secure society but also laying the foundation for economic stability and sustainable development.” Mr. Auma said.
Yfcnairobi5Nairobi Governor H.E Sakaja Johnson is so much dedicated to the welfare and development of youth especially on matters agriculture. The County Executive mentioned that children are closest to Governor Sakaja’s heart which he noted is evident in the initiatives such as the Dishi na County school feeding program which aims to ensure that no school going child in the City misses a meal.

The National Chair person, Young Farmers Clubs of Kenya Mr. Joel Koome said he was pleased to see young farmers coming together. He termed them as the future of Kenyan agriculture who will be responsible for feeding the country and ensuring food security. He added that such forums provide opportunities for the young ones to learn and network.

The National camp will also provide an opportunity for the young farmers to be taken through other topics such as career guidance and counselling, available opportunities in agriculture and drug and substance abuse.


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