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Green Nairobi Executive Leads Inaugural Wangari Maathai Marathon to Honor Environmental Legacy and Promote Sustainability

Nairobi, 3rd March 2024

Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member for Green Nairobi Mr. Ibrahim Auma graced the inaugural Power of One Wangari Maathai marathon race held today at Karura Forest, in remembrance of the rich legacy left behind by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmentalist, the late Wangari Maathai in her fight for greener spaces and forest cover.

The Green Nairobi Executive ran and completed 10KM race. Mr. Auma noted that the late Wangari Maathai’s Commitment to climate change and environmental sustainability, human rights, democracy, peace, international solidarity, women, and children empowerment has impacted many lives and gifted the city residents’ spaces, such as Karura forest, the Central Park and the monumental Uhuru Park among others.
Wmmarathon1“As we celebrate this edition of the Wangari Maathai Marathon, we reflect on the enduring legacy of a remarkable woman whose vision and tenacity have indelibly marked our city. These spaces stand as living testaments to her great resilience and contribute significantly to our ecosystem and social well-being. They also play an important role in making Nairobi a city of harmony and balance.” Said the Green Nairobi CECM.

Mr. Auma urged the participants to reflect on the significance of the race which he said it symbolizes a collective stride towards a sustainable and vibrant future of the capital city.

The County Executive also said that Governor Sakaja’s administration is committed and focused in protecting and improving green spaces, drawing inspiration from the enduring spirit of Wangari Maathai.
Wmmarathon4The inaugural Power of One Wangari Maathai arise race also aimed to raise funds for the support of Wangari Maathai Foundation.

Wangari Maathai Foundation President and the CEO Njeri Kabeberi expressed her gratitude towards Nairobi County’s support and solidarity in the first edition of Wangari Maathai Marathon.

Ms. Njeri said she was impressed the race attracted more than 2000 participants.

Mr. Auma was accompanied by Assistant Director for Climate Change and Air Quality monitoring Ms. Grace Ojiayo.

Present also were Chairperson Wangari Maathai Foundation Ms. Wanjira Maathai, France Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Arnaud Suquet and Karura Ward Member of County Assembly Hon. Kamau Thuo.



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