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Green Nairobi County Executive Engages with World Waternet for Strategic Partnership in Transforming Nairobi Rivers Ecosystem

Nairobi, 23rd November 2023

Nairobi County Executive Committee Member in charge of Green Nairobi Mr. Ibrahim Auma today hosted a team from World Waternet for a meeting that focused on Nairobi rivers ecosystem.

The team briefed the County Executive on the initiative meant to engage with problem owners in the Nairobi Rivers ecosystem. The rivers are; Gatharani, Mathare, Nairobi, Ngong and Mbagathi.

Mr. Auma welcomed the initiative and affirmed the County’s support, adding that what the World waternet is doing at the moment will be of great help to the residents of Nairobi City County and the country in general.

“Nairobi City County Governor H.E Sakaja Johnson recently employed 3500 youths- the Green Army’ to supplement the cleaning of different parts of the County and It is evident that they have made a huge impact, in that Nairobi City County is now different from what it was a year ago. Given the situation of the floods in different parts of the country, there has been much improvement since the County’s green army has made it possible to have less impacts of the floods.” Said Mr. Auma.
Ecosystem2Mr. Auma added that the County has planted over a million trees so far, as a result of working together with different organizations.

Today’s discussions created a platform for diverse stakeholders to collectively envision the future of Nairobi rivers.

Mr. Auma was informed that in September the organization conducted five river dialogues along Gatharani, Mathare, Nairobi, Ngong and Mbagathi rivers, and currently conducting the second round dialogue with an aim of bringing together different pieces of the puzzle to engage in the respective rivers.

“These dialogues fits well within our focus as a County to have a fully-fledged department that deals with Public participation for it aligns our plans with the people’s thoughts.” Noted Mr. Auma.

The river dialogues draw representations from Water Resources Authority, Nairobi City County Government, National Environmental Management Authority, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, Private and local community.

Mr. Peter De Kuning from World Waternet informed the Green Nairobi County Executive that the organization seeks to partner with Nairobi City County so that they can make a change in the situation of the rivers in Nairobi.
Ecosystem3“We both need to work together for a long lasting effect through the formation of a community of practice with the aim of exploring what is needed and who is available to cooperate and work with us. “Stated Mr. Kuning.

Mr. Kuning reported that currently there is a dialogue session in Mbagathi river and that World Waternet is willing to share the conclusions that will help in coming up with a way forward.

The Green Nairobi Executive pointed out that the County values the collaboration, and stressed that every player must be brought on the table to ensure a common strategy with a people oriented vision in order to sustain the effort.

World waternet is an embassy of the earth and local groups within Nairobi rivers ecosystem working to engage problem owners in the Nairobi rivers ecosystem.

Present in the meeting were Mr. Maurice Kavai, Deputy Director Climate Change and Air Quality and Ms. Grace Ojiayo, Assistant Director Climate Change and Air Quality among Other officers from the Subsector.


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