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Forging Inclusive Partnerships: Inaugural Round Table Meeting with County Executive for Inclusivity, Public Participation And Customer Service – Dr. Anastasia Nyalita


The County Executive for Inclusivity Public Participation and Customer Service Dr. Anastasia Nyalita held an inaugural partners round table meeting with partners with an aim of forging a mutually beneficial partnership between them and the County.

Said Dr. Nyalita “The objective of the Roundtable is to provide an opportunity for the sector to share with partners the Governor’s vision of making Nairobi work towards a City of Order, Dignity, Hope and Opportunities for all with respect to the sector priorities which include: Public Participation, Citizen Engagement and Customer Service, Gender and Inclusivity, City Culture, Arts and Tourism. Partnerships and collaborations are major tenets of leadership and governance, partners play a critical role in not only ensuring that county governments deliver on their mandate, but also in enhancing various aspects of governance including transparency, accountability, public participation and civic education among others.”
Customerservice1“This round table is focused on fostering sustainable developments through open dialogue and shared initiatives, leveraging resources and expertise to address community needs, ensuring transparent communication, and forging long-term partnerships for impactful, inclusive projects. Our session today is aimed at creating a framework that encourages collaboration, innovation, and a collective commitment to enhancing the well-being of the citizenry.” Said Dr. Nyalita.
Customerservice2“These collaborations can provide additional financial resources, technical expertise, and innovative solutions for community projects. By forming partnerships, Nairobi County can access diverse funding streams, share the financial burden, and accelerate the implementation of development initiatives. These collaborations require clear agreements, effective communication, and a shared commitment to achieving common goals for the betterment of the City. Added Dr. Nyalita.
Customerservice3This Roundtable was organized by Inclusivity, Public Participation and Customer Service Sector who is mandated to lead the above priority areas of the County Government in partnership with County Governance Watch (CGW), a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO), whose purpose is to provide solutions for socio- economic and sustainable development processes in the counties of Kenya towards making devolution work by promoting citizen participation for quality and effective service delivery.


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