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Finalization of the Zero Draft Nairobi City County Older Persons Welfare Policy.

NAIROBI: 30th April 2024

This milestone represents a crucial step forward in the County’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and dignity of our older citizens. The completion of this comprehensive policy framework, signifies the tremendous effort and dedication of all those involved in its development. This policy document is a testament to our values as a community that cares for its elders, recognizing their invaluable contributions and honoring their rights.

The Chief Officer Social Services George Mutiso said “The journey to reach this point has been one of collaboration and consultation, involving stakeholders from various sectors, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, community leaders, and most importantly, older persons themselves. Their voices have been central in shaping this policy, ensuring that it reflects their needs, aspirations, and concerns.”
Olderpersonspolicy 6Mr. Mutiso said “The Zero Draft Nairobi City County Older Persons Welfare Policy embodies a commitment to equity and social justice. It seeks to address the challenges faced by older persons in our society, from healthcare and social support to economic security and inclusion. Through this policy, we affirm our responsibility to safeguard the rights of older citizens and provide them with the resources and services they require to live fulfilling lives.”

Key components of this policy include provisions for accessible healthcare services tailored to the needs of older persons, sustainable livelihoods, transport infrastructure and housing, programs to promote active aging and social participation, food security, social protection services, Climate change, Older persons and the law, Cross cutting issues, Gender, PWDs, Disaster and Conflict, family community and Culture, Education ICT and Digital Economy, measures to combat elder abuse and discrimination, and initiatives to enhance financial security through pensions and economic empowerment.
Olderpersonspolicy 2He further said that this policy underscores the importance of intergenerational solidarity and the role of the entire community in supporting and respecting older persons. It calls for awareness campaigns to challenge stereotypes about aging and foster a culture of respect and empathy.

He said “The County recognizes that the work is far from over even as we mark the finalization of the Zero Draft Nairobi City County Older Persons Welfare Policy, Implementation will be our next critical challenge. It will require sustained commitment, adequate resources, and ongoing collaboration across all sectors of society as we also embark on Public participation as our next cause of action.

Let us ensure that this policy serves as a beacon of hope and progress, guiding us towards a future where every older person can age with dignity, security, and respect.

The Chief Officer was accompanied by Deputy Director, Social Services Robert Muema, Assistant Directors Fredrick Ogutu, Rosemary Kibathi and Christine Ogondo, Rose Bwire Help Age International-Kenya, Morris Omollo Laptrust Mr. Reuben Isukulu Policy Officer and Godffrey Ochele Ag. Deputy Director Public Participation.


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